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The diversified geographical distribution

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Human nature varies throughout the world. Individual has his/ her own perception about the environment, and reacts to the situation differently based on the upbringing, socioeconomic status and culture of the society to which he/ she belongs. This also depends upon the geographical distribution and climatic conditions and lately to the developmental aspects of the society. Diversity is a relative terminology encompassing language, dress and traditions, distribution and economical status of the society.
The cultural diversity is analogues with the biodiversity; it is vital for the long-term survival of life on earth and also imperative for the long term survival of humanity. As like biological ecosystems conservation of indigenous cultures is also imperative, but deliberate conservation of less developed society is not advocated. Some people are highly rigid about their traditions especially with their religious beliefs and hence do not accept any alteration form the routine.
One of the leading causes of diversity now a days is increase in population, diminishing natural resources, cut-throat competition and this is making the world a small place to live in by bringing people belonging to different geographical area and cultural backgrounds on single platform. Here comes an understanding about the varied culture, their thoughts and beliefs. The principle of adaptation is directly related with diversity. Those who can learn to adapt to the newer environment are known to have a better survival ratio based on Darwin’s principle; which is applicable in all aspects of life including diversity of living beings “ survival of the fittest”.
It is therefore imperative to understand the diversified geographical distribution and sort the ways to survival in difficult situations, which is the real achievement in terms of success in diversity. Hence for survival we must keep concern with the need of an hour and adaptation in diversified situation.

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