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The dashing ms. davis

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Ms. Davis is a teacher at Palm Desert Charter Middle School and she teaches 8th grade Humanities.

Her classroom is a second home to all the students of PDCMS. Ms. Davis is a beautiful and bubbly teacher. She makes history come to life and writing a way to express your emotions. I believe Ms. Davis deserves an award so the world can see and recognize what a great teacher and role model she is for others.

She runs our school’s Battle of the Books and Christian Club as well as putting together the NY/DC summer trip for our students. Ms. Davis helps you understand and relive history in her classroom. In Ms. Davis’s class we are told that it’s not about quantity but quality.

On all our essays and big projects she gives us advice and help both during and after school. Ms. Davis makes our learning environment a nice and safe place to share ideas and ask for help. She leaves her door open at lunch so if you need help she will gladly help you. Ms.

Davis is also online after school so you can email her comments and questions. Ms. Davis has helped me learn that history is not in the past but kind of like a big sister helping us know what to do and what not to do in life. Ms. Davis is constantly emailing the high school trying to understand what the 8th graders will need to know for high school to make it easier on us. One of the biggest reasons I believe Ms.

Davis deserves this is because I will be working on my homework and I will email her a question and almost right away she responds and gives me suggestions. To me this is very special because most of my teachers respond and help me when its most convenient to them. I feel like Ms. Davis is really trying her best to help each and every student and learn something from all of us. Ms. Davis is my role model and I think she should be for many other students and teachers as well.

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