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The criminal justice system

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The Criminal Justice System
The four fundamental elements for a planned change include improving the means for the satisfaction of the members’ economic needs, increasing profitability, promoting human work for the human beings, and contributing to social welfare and individual satisfaction. The criminal justice system is just like a normal organization and is not exceptional to change. Example of changes that can be introduced in the criminal justice system is the introduction or adoption of modern technologies such as the Information Technology. The world has gone high-tech and almost every aspect of life has changed whereby different organizations and people use different technologies to do most things; that is the world is shifting from ancient ways of doing things to modern ones (Mathisen & Einarsen, 2004).
This helps in improving efficiency by reducing costs and time wastage. The introduction of Information technology in the criminal justice systems is essential to its operations, as it helps in things such as the classification of inmates, thus making judgments or giving punishments to various crimes appropriately. This greatly reduces time wasting by the juries as well as overcrowding in the cells and prisons. The introduction of Information Technology also helps in enhancing communications between different departments and individuals, as well as helping in easy storage and retrieving of information (Mathisen & Einarsen, 2004).
Measurement is always very critical in any process of if implementation and organizational change. However, the underlying reason is to have a clear understanding, management and improvement of the fundamental organization’s performance. The performance measurement’s driver is quantifiably making the major drivers of performance of the organization, and establishes a clear sense of the manageability (Mathisen & Einarsen, 2004). The candidate measures generally involve quality, productivity and cycle time.
Measurement is very personal; and one of the major advantages of it, and also one of the basic drivers that should be present in all cases, is a clear individual contribution’s identification. What impact has an individual had on the company or organization? What is the percentage of the total revenue that he or she has generated? What is the number of defects that he or she has eliminated? And how much has his or her productivity improved? For instance when we take the case of change introduction in the criminal justice system, which is the adoption of Information Technology, it would be very important to measure the effectiveness of the change (Mathisen & Einarsen, 2004). This can be done by determining the number of cases handled effectively over a specific period of time in comparison with the past before the change was introduced. The result is obvious as it goes without saying that technology today is everything that is required to ensure efficiency in what ever is done.
Possibly one of the most essential and important characteristics of a good and great workplace are the organizational climate. Although organizational climate is described differently by various scholars and researchers, it generally means the level at which an organization puts its emphasis and focus on the following; flexibility, recognition and appreciation, innovation, concern for the welfare of employees, ethics and citizenship, development and learning, quality performance, leadership, and empowerment and involvement (Mathisen & Einarsen, 2004). It is a worker’s shared experiences or views of the procedures, practices and policies of their place of work and the behaviors and efforts that are recognized and rewarded, supported as well as expected there. The organizational climate, bestowed in various practices of human resource, is a significant predictor of the success and efficiency of an organization (Mathisen & Einarsen, 2004). Several studies have established positive relationships between the different measures of the success of organizations and positive organizational climate, most commonly for metrics like productivity, sales, profitability, retention of staff and customer satisfaction. The leaders of an organization are always the ones responsible for the development of a positive climate for an organization. This is because their behavior and personality creates a climate that greatly influences everyone in the organization.
The classic paramilitary structure of police and corrections organizations creates a climate that is not conducive to change. In most countries, corruption indices show that the most corrupt departments are the police departments, and introducing any changes that can even reduce these cases is very difficult. This is because their structures are too rigid, whereby every order comes from above and anything directed by the top leaders are uncontestable (Mathisen & Einarsen, 2004). The department is always referred to as the most disciplined in terms of following orders; this implies that strong powers have been bestowed upon the leaders or commanders, and these people are always the most corrupt. Therefore, introducing any change in the department that would appear to curtail their operations becomes difficult as they cannot embrace such things. Another thing that makes it difficult for the introduction of change in such departments is the past history, whereby it infects them to an extent that they find change undesirable.
Mathisen, G. E., & Einarsen, S. (2004). ” A Review of Instruments Assessing Creative and Innovative Environments Within Organizations.” Creativity Research Journal, 16(1), 119-140.

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