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The crime of rance

The crime of Rance
Rance can be convicted of the offence of advertising an event where there will be a sale of illegal drugs. Such is because it is illegal to engage in the support of the supply and distribution of the drugs. Rance has the knowledge that the event will involve the supply and sale of the drugs. Therefore, conviction is a must. In advertising, it is good that one gets an accurate description of the service or product, focuses on legality of such an activity, enhances social responsibility, becomes honest and remains truthful. Rance did this, but in spite of knowing that the event being advertised did not have any legality, he progressed in advertising the event including the printing of the flyers. The crime that Rance should face is the drug crime and crime against ethical code of conduct in business (Shoener 1).
Further, Rance does not provide the consumers with detailed information regarding the nature of the event. It is good that Rance includes that there will be the sale of the drugs during the event. In such an advert, Rance would be free from criminal activities. The producers that contacted Rance to advertise for the event should also be charged. This is because they are aware of what happens in the nightclubs. These producers also have the knowledge that XTC is sold in different nightclubs that they are seeking Rance to advertise. These producers should face drug crime of distribution of illicit drugs. Regarding the new concert, the producers are also leasing a onetime building for the concert. This implies that they are not socially responsible and they do not care about the safety of the citizens. Considering that this building is under renovation, it is clear that the concert has been planned for a malicious activity and not a good thing. Furthermore, a building that is under renovation presents security concerns with reference to the safety of the users.
The teenager that is passing out the flyers cannot be convicted. This is because she has been hired by Rance, which is a reputable advertising company to distribute these flyers. Hence, she does not know anything regarding the issue of the concert and the associated negative or positive benefits of running the concerts. Her role is to market the event and she lacks knowledge on the use of the XTC drugs during the event.
Moreover, the front corporation, which is under the control of the international criminal Wilhelm Building, should be convicted. This is because the owner knows that the building is under renovation and is leasing it for a social event. Hence, the owner should face the property crime of false pretenses because he pretended the building was in good condition yet it was under renovation. The owners can also be charged with the crime against the illicit use of the drugs. Such is because they did not vet the producers leasing the building in an effective manner to understand the nature of the concert. Hence, since they knew it was a one day event, it implies that they had knowledge of the illegal activities linked to the concert.
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