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The cottage – creative writing

It was exactly a week after my first day at NFG, and I had brought both overnight- and sleeping bag with me to school, as had everyone else in my class – it was time for the ‘get to know each other’-trip.

The ‘get to know each other’-trip is a trip were the new students can get to know each other. Every 1. g-class has to go, not alone of course. The class goes along with a pair of teachers and two older students: ‘Introes’.

My class, Susanne, Steen Carl, our two introes Nadia and Jakob and I were going to Middelgrunden in Middelfart, so the time in the bus weren’t long and only made shorter by song and small-talk. It took 5 minutes, after getting off of the bus, to reach our destination: The Cottage, a nice and small place mainly used by scouts.

After getting settled into our dormitories, we all joined in the large dining room for tea, cake and coffee. Then, after having stuffed our stomachs with homemade cake, we had to have an hour or two dedicated to oureducation. In that time we took some important behavior related problems up to debate, and we did so by being divided into six groups. We had to discuss the subject, then, create a presentation or sketch, which we had to use in front of the rest of the class to get the debate started. When we finished we had a set of ground rules about our behavior in class.

Then, we had to do an Orienteering’s race, which our introes had put together. To keep us busy I suspect, and we were busy, busy having fun and getting to know each other through songs and dancing.

As we got closer to dinnertime, something strange happened: the boys disappeared, into the kitchen, to make Spaghetti Bolognese, and it wasn’t that bad.

After dinner everybody seemed to need some time relaxing, and some of the boys and girls wanted to do so in water, and even though Jakob hadn’t brought a bathing suit, some of the boys still figured, that he should get into the water with them; poor Jakob got absolutely soaked through and through. Then Dee figured something out, they weren’t the only ones relaxing in the ocean; the jellyfish had arrived.

When everybody was back at the cottage, and everybody had dried off, it was the introes turn figure something, everybody had to show them what kind of song they’d sung, dance they’d danced and any other kind of entertainment we had created during the O-race. When we were done with the performances, everybody was tired and there were only one more thing we needed to figure out for the day, a theme for the 1. g-party, we finally reached an agreement about a Christmas-theme (Elves, Santa Claus etc.) After that we were free to do as we wanted, whether we wanted sleep or games.

The next day we had to get up early and eat breakfast, so that we could cram some time for educational purposes into the mix of cleaning and packing. We ended up having sort of like a civics test, which was fun. Then, all that was left was the bus ride home to the school, and getting home afterwards.

As for the conclusion about the small trip with my new class, I’ve figured; we had fun and the trip served its purpose, as I now know a class filled with great people.

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