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The company overcome external challenges commerce essay

Culture of an organisation ” as defined here, set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that help the members of the business understand what it stands for, how it does things, and what it considers important”(Griffin, 2005). The culture of an organization supports adaptation which is required to be measured by individuals inside the company because a change might encourage more management behaviors, and internal individuals are in a superior position to understand the connotation of employee behaviors correlated with adaptation than are external individuals. An organization might support adaptation by the procedure of which a manager changes his/her attitudes in response to changes in the environment. Griffin shows employee with no trouble adapting tends to use a variety of plans and things to assist them through the alteration and persist to be creative (Griffin, 2005). Organizations use various strategies to aid workers adapt to changes such as organizing meetings and discussing issues such as; Changing; Progression; Goals; Problems and decisions. A person responsible for controlling is required to possess sensible manners and treat others respectively and be truthful in their interactions. Therefore, management can quickly tackle the issues to pinpoint them before they arise. Once companies have reached a high level of adaptation then managers and employees are likely to possess excellent knowledge and experience. The corporate culture is used to comprehend into their new responsibilities and/or tasks, the way they boost knowledge and commit to memory, which is accepted from organizational individuals. This guides the organization to the state of feeling certain about the truth of something that can be improved in business, which one after another assists them in order to adapt effectively to different types of environments. Company guidance can provide easy clear leadership on how to carry out the company tasks and principles and support employee adaptation. On the other hand, managers are required to test the communication of their employee as it is vital to display in business to get excellent information and extract the questions to identify what is happening in the business and how it may influence them. Different types of organizations are required to deal with a variety of corporate culture and technological conditions and companies working in vague ways and turbulent environments necessitate to accomplish a higher level of internal differentiation – for example between employees and departments. Some employers are confused about turbulent environment, which seems them incapable to adapt their businesses to new competition and new technologies. Community turbulence encourages organizations to use new methods to generate the environment of rising the worry and/or fear to managers everywhere. Managers are usually focusing on the aspects within the company to ensure the key things are done well such as; Leading; Motivating; Managing employees effectivelyThey needed to be a successful in to avoid facing a turbulent environment, so management and other leaders should observe and react to the environment. Thus, It will be emphasized within an internal environment that there are different aspects of the business that have to be taken into account and includes corporate culture, production technology, organizational structure. Corporate culture is more important that others in order to be competitive in the market. The internal culture should fit the requirements of the external environment and company strategy. When this fit happens, highly committed employees create a high performing business that is harder to compete with (Daft, 2010). Business is operating in an environment in which situations are frequently changing quickly and suddenly characterized by conflict. This kind of environment will be called turbulent. The turbulent environment problem arises because of information linked to society, technology, market, finance and management. These can be enhanced and changed by using four key things such as; To create a visionTo Communicate and sharing of informationTo Empower others to act on the visionTo refresh the situationsChanged can happen once the organization identifies those aspects in order to deal with a systematic approach (Lewis, 2004). Adaptive culture ” as defined here, an organizational culture in which employees focus on the changing needs of customers and other stakeholders, and support initiatives to keep pace with these changes”. The first thing is adaptive culture will look at external environment, which employees require to have the success and be able to understand organizational skills to support stakeholders for example – customers, investors, suppliers, and etc. As identified organization Nokia has changed from toilet paper then rubber boots to Mobile phones and softwares. So this firm has retained an adaptive culture because employees are thinking that adapt is essential and predictable to stay pace with an external environment. Second, internal is vital for external because each employee in adaptive culture concentrates on business course as he/she wants to achieve goals. Therefore, the employee wants to stay and connected to boost their internal environment (for example – customer service, production technology, sales and etc) these are the things to support external environment. Third, the workers in adaptive cultures are intelligence as an individual and suppose to have duties for the business performance (govrelations, 2012). Nokia Chief executive officer (CEO) is more concerned about keeping a relationship with customers. Managers are working hard in order to retain customers and supporting internal people to avoid decline and bring significant changes (citeman, 2012). For example, the company has improved by making a Mobile Phone to put windows software and to produce excellent design handsets and make more apps to attract users to save their company. Recently, Nokia has changed in their organizational cultures and the company is a leader to sell more windows phones by 59% around the world and 32% in the USA, shown in figure 1 (tweaktown, 2012). Other external example that investors were not impressed with a company’s market share around the globe, which is 3% percent. The research shows it will increase by the company workers to pay as much attention to innovate new products. The organization is focusing to make changes in something established, which required to provide genuine interests for customers even if it involves taking some risks. Nokia cares totally about their consumers, employees and production technology in order to increase internal individuals and develops that will create crucial change to compete with other companies like Apple iOS and Google Android OS. Slogans can be used in short dialogue for some reasons ” customer first” is an example of business slogan and ceremonies are good examples for the company to show events once a year such as product launches, new employee event, awards for making a best design phone, which these are the examples organisation ceremonies (PM, 2012). 25412_1_nokia_holds_59_of_global_windows_phone_market_32_in_us. jpgFigureFinally, the adaptability culture appears in an environment that needs quick response and decision makers to prevent high risks. Nokia employers are motivated that helps the business to be able to understand and drive the success in their environment. Managers have roles to make a decision on the company situations to keep away from declining. Employers have the ability to make a new project then make changes by using skills and experiments, which required to avoid risk. Functioning in better way for the organization to provide a quick response to each customer is well respected that meet their needs. The Nokia is a leader since 1998, the industry is innovating a product until today that’s why innovation and adaptability are built into the corporate culture (citeman, 2012). An example of a corporation that Nokia has an adaptive culture and have overcome (succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty) external challenges. The organization has to develop and grow to retain relationships with a consumer in order to raise their profit for the company. In the method of Nokia improvement the business was slightly successful in 2004, because they had retained relationship with their customers and their revenue both done well. Therefore, the organization was quick to progress because it keeps eyes on the market trends and at the same time they were strong an internal that was required to challenge an external to overcome with. Nokia has developed well in order to focus on excessive attention all over the world to drive their organization competently (slideshare, 2012). Recently, managers challenges can comprise company relationships, marketing, being a competitor. Company relationships are letting the organization to enlarge operations with the aid of vendor and supplier. Marketing includes communication that can aid to inform customers about the organization products and/or services. Being a competitor is allowing the organization to make products and/or services at lower cost and greater quality than other companies. Achieving these activities in the best way that can represent a challenge for company employees. The management can be varied to use many sections (e. g. Customers, suppliers, sales, marketing, and etc) which are an important part of corporate culture to cope with these, it will keep a firm stable and to run operations steadily with the help of manager to overcome external challenges in the company. These are the challenges for an individual to demonstrate the task in various departments (Chron, 2012). Nokia will encounter more perfect choices. So, Nokia will need more emergent and structured methods to counter to this highly effective worldwide industry depending on the different business environment and situation. The Main Expertise Part of Nokia’s primary proficiency is the encounter and information in the wifi, cellular and system services industry. Nokia has acquired some national and international awards by working on better goods and services. Presenting new product variations and technical upgrades is part of the company’s product power. With a wide variety procedures, the organization has used products individually of particular traditional or place. The management also takes part in developing several new worldwide requirements for upcoming telecom needs and designs. With its leading position as a cell phone producer and provider of digital cellular systems, Nokia’s contribution in the development of future technology enables and help them to deliver excellent items for the next several years. The Nokia items are mostly focusing on to specific areas. The Company design of portable mobile phones is recognized by the lifestyle of the people, independence, opportunities of choice, technology and urbanization. The item style or design both focuses on the actions of the customer and technical industry requirements. The company was the first cell cell phone producer who implemented models for new ways of thinking into their promotion functions. The general management advised promotion supervisors to think of companies as databases of skills, rather than the domain portfolios of items. A promotion team noticed the way that cell phones were becoming products. This uncommon approach led to a superior design and control of customer section. So this is how has served the business overcome external challenges (slideshare, 2012).

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