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The clusters

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It is a wonder how humans consider themselves to be unique, different from each other, yet their personalities and characteristics help categorize them into five personality types. The first being extraversion, highlights personality traits of people who are generally more fun-loving, out going and are on a look out for excitement. Neuroticism represents a group of pessimistic, sensitive beings who over analyze situations, are highly dependant on others and are emotional in their decisions. Openness comprises of people who welcome new ideas, theories, do not mind opposing opinions and like exploring new sum and substance. Agreeableness is a personality trait that is present in people who easily agree to what others have to say. They are not stubborn and are flexible in decision making. Lastly, conscientiousness is a personality trait grouping together people who do not take impulsive decisions, but give vast attention to what they do and how it might effect their reputation. They are the types who are deeply concerned about what others have to say about them. In my opinion, I fall under the category of neuroticism, as I happen to be a highly sensitive person. I tend to stay quiet in large meetings, and am often lost in thought. I take matters too personally, getting upset at the slightest of things. As much as I dislike this personality trait of mine, I find it difficult to rid these traits off. The second group in which I may be categorized is agreeableness. I do not like arguments, am I good listener and generally agree on what others have to say. I do not press much on statements I make and vary my opinion if someone else has a more convincing argument. Thus, I consider my self to be highly agreeable. Lastly, I am also a part of the group of people who fall under the title of conscientiousness. I am careful in choosing my words during a conversation, conscious that I do not end up offending the other person in any way. I often do not express myself fully, afraid that what I have to say might not seem appropriate. I am very organized and like keeping matters simple. To conclude, it can be said that I have negative yet positive personality traits and even though I dislike few tendencies, they happen to be a part of who I am. While choosing a career in the future, I will be careful in opting for a job in which I do not have to address a large group of people. I would very much prefer a desk job, which requires my mental skills rather than my social ones. Reference Matthews, G., Deary, I. J., & Whiteman, M. C. (2003). Personality Traits. Cambridge University Press. Page 24. Web. .

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