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The Blunt Truth A seemingly growing trend that has become one of the mall discussion points on State and Federal levels Is the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Some citizens are able to see the great potential in the legalization of marijuana, not only its benefits for the government, but for the patients suffering from major health issues as well.

However, there is a deceivingly large population that disagree with pro-marijuana supporters, arguing that if it laws that legalized the substance were passed, there would be more adverse affects than there would be ineffectual affects, which puts them on the side of the continuation of marijuana being Illegal. Marijuana should be legalized In New York State for many reasons.

Not only would it be beneficial to the government, but it also has medical value. The dangers of this medicinal herb are too exaggerated, and increased regulation could make it less attainable for youth.

The lesser-educated portion of society would call marijuana the “ Gateway drug. ” Once you smoke dope, you’ll move on to worse drugs and your life will come into a downward spiral, and that’s why America Is dropping so heavily In all aspects of life. Most of those against the legalization of marl]nana would argue that Its worse than tobacco and alcoholic substances, its wrong and it’s a drug that needs to be gotten rid of on the streets and in the privacy of ones home. Those arguing against it would point at marijuana and say that it’s a huge contributor in gang violence and high school drop-outs.

There are many arguments that can be made from this side, but when you take a deeper look and take it upon yourself to do more than just read the bold print, there Is a lot that can be learned, and a lot that can be gained. This magical herb Is very poorly portrayed In today’s society. Often referred to as “ the Gateway Drug,” many people are ignorant as to the actual effects of the herb, as well as its many potential uses. What people don’t know is that prior to 1 937, so long as you had a permit for it, it was not illegal to grow hemp, which is a commonly used term for tall growing varieties of Marijuana.

In fact, in the year 1937 the “ Marijuana Tax Act” was passed, issuing a hefty tax on those dealing with any form of hemp, cannabis, and or marijuana. Most scholars believe that this act was put In place In order to eliminate the hemp market as a whole.

This is because the invention and innovation of the decorticated which were machines that stripped the hemp plants of their strong fibers, and it was feared by big money investors in the paper pulp industry (the kind of stud used in news papers) that it would overshadow the need of their mills.

Another bit of information generally overlooked when the subject of legalization Is brought up Is the other potential uses. It need not be mentioned Its recreational use, but hemp was used throughout WI In order to make a lot of essential things, ranging from uniforms to rope. Throughout history the plant has been used to make all sorts of textiles, and before paper was created and utilized, early civilizations in Asia used hemp as a form of paper! Other uses for this herb include: fuel, jewelry, building materials, nutrition, the making of plastic and other composite materials, and most Importantly medication.

T all stages of illness. From terminally ill, to minor aches and pains, there is a strand of marijuana that can help make things a little more bearable. Its scientifically proven that marijuana can in fact decrease anxiety, treat muscle pain, create a relaxed state f mind, as well reduce nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy, as well as for patients suffering from HIVE/AIDS. A few recent studies have given insight that some cannabises have some anthropogenic effects, resulting in the spread of cancerous cells slowing down.

While there is no firm evidence of how effective marijuana can be for cancer treatment, there is enough evidence to confirm that it does benefit those who consume it. That argument aside, interviews do conclude that those terminally ill patients that intake marijuana do receive some form of health benefit, whether it be calming pains and aches, or clearing their mind and helping hem relax.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the benefits the legalization will have for our government and our country as a unit.

A UN report implied that in the year 2003, about $322 billion was accumulated with drug trade alone. A staggering number, to think of that much money being generated by a single market, let alone a market that is illegal in many counties. What is being over looked is the effect legalization of marijuana would have on our economy as well as our society. Take into consideration tobacco, its used every day all over the world. As for the overspent, well that’s a different story.

The top six tobacco companies combined make roughly $35 billion a year.

The government brings in about $25 million a year on the taxation of tobacco products. Just imagine if marijuana was legalized? The government would see at least another $25 million in taxes upon legalization. Not only that, but it would provide hundreds of thousands of Jobs for Americans. Its estimated that approximately 700, 000 Jobs are created by the tobacco industry alone.

Again, at least double that with the legalization of marijuana. Double the tax dollars ND double the Job opportunities, sounds like a win-win to me.

Not only that, but with it being legalized, less time and money would be put into petty drug busts and ruining the futures of kids who get there hands on the stuff due to the inability of their own government to keep it out of their reach. With the drug being sold in stores, it will be more difficult for teenagers to get old of it, as opposed to going to their friendly neighborhood drug dealer and paying even less money then they would have to if it were regulated by the government. The Gateway drug isn’t marijuana; the gateway drug is life.

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