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The appreciative inquiry

Isn’t It Time Someone Appreciated You? Isn’t time that someone sat you down, gave you a pat on the back, and told you what a good person you were? Isn’t it time that you sat down, and thought about what you were good at, instead of what you were bad at? Isn’t it time to think about the positives in yourself, instead of the negatives? That’s what the Appreciative Inquiry is all about. It’s all about having someone appreciate you and you appreciate yourself.
The Appreciative Inquiry is all about making you learn the best about someone. It’s all about focusing on the high-point movement. Essentially, it’s about allowing someone to “ toot their own horn,” so to speak. Many people like the Appreciative Inquiry because it focuses on what is the best them.
Overall, the Appreciative Inquiry is about learning the best in people, and about learning what they’re discovering, what they’re dreaming, what they’re designing, and what makes them the most alive.

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