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The american heart association

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The American Heart Association Lateisha Bellmon HCS/310 1/19/12 Ruthann Vaughan In the United States heart disease victims and survivors is the voice of the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association worked on educating public on both the prevention and dangers of heart disease in 1915. Physicians and social workers banded together to release information on heart disease. Other cities performed societies modeled after the one in New York. In 1924 the AHA wanted to share research findings and promote further studies. 1941 the president Dr. White described ignorance about heart disease.

AHA included hundreds and thousands of physicians and scientists to overcome the ignorance. 1930’s AHA considers their activities to the public. The American Legion donated 50, 000 for the AHA community rheumatic fever program in 1946. Nineteen forty eight the AHA reorganized and looked for medical volunteers, communication, public education, community organization, and fund raising. In late 1948 the AHA made a network radio contest. (The Walking Man, “ On the Truth or Consequence program. ) The AHA had many contributions to the Walking Man’s identify. $1. 7 million was netted that before Jack Benny was identified as the “ Walking Man. New York City national staff began to organize American Heart Association. February 1949, the first national fund-raising, raised $2. 7 million. The American Heart Association has grown in financial resources, involvement within medical, and volunteers, and influence since 1949. National Centers moved from New York City to Dallas in 1975. To serve affiliates and local divisions nationwide, National Net-workers divisions’ local AHA organizations to provide research, education, and community programs. Between 1980 and 1986, AHA completed significant internal changes. The AHA guidelines developed for the nation’s health care system.

During the next few years public health association became more visible champion. AHA in large in internal programs and its internal management. The association focused on planning in three areas: cardiovascular science, cardiovascular education, and community program, and fund raising efforts. AHA new research projects moved all of the scientific staff into one building and sponsor creative professional education program. 1980 the effects of heart disease and stroke on woman and minorities were included. Prevention and heart disease with grassroots organizing and public participation, AHA focused more in the 1990.

Scientific findings moved quickly from laboratories and clinics to physicians’ offices and American households. The AHA made clear statements about controlling risk factors. Volunteers and staff helped improve affiliate research programs and the national organization created, divisions dealing with stoke and emergency cardiac care. AHA volunteers and staff transformed the organization into an enterprise so that it would be vibrant and relevant in the 21st century. Nineteen forty eight the AHA transformed from a scientific society into a voluntary health agency.

March 1995 AHA organization strategic forced: providing credible heart disease and stoke information for effective prevention and treatment. It was clear that individual Americans were the National Centers primary audience and not the AHA’s affiliates. June 1997 the whole organization decision became a corporation Spirit of cooperation bought people to reinforce the effort. The American Heart Association functions are a nonprofit voluntary organization to mainly support donors. Dallas and Texas are the headquarters are. U. S. department of Health and Human Services depends on 3. million volunteers to help out with goals and helped raised $1 billion since 1949 (as of 2009. Annual goals for AHA responsibility are to reduce heart and disease and stroke. In 2009 the goal was to reduce smoking, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. The American Heart Association responsibilities are to divide the organizations into seven areas. Eight main offices went nationwide. AHA offices included chief executive, advocating division, corporate operations, field operations, healthcare, markets division, science operations, and customer technology strategies. Go Red for Woman responsibility focused on woman and heart disease.

Go Red provides that heart disease does not just stroke woman it also stroke men. The start program responsibility provides walking for improved health. Instruction support, social contract improved health through walking. End Strokes responsibility takes education and prevention of stoke- related illness. Cultural backgrounds increased on (African-American, etc. ) because the risk was high. In the American Heart Association three stakeholders were affected, volunteers, employees, and vendors. The American Heart Association volunteers discovered someone dying each day from heart disease or stokes.

The American Heart Association volunteers, roles are, Science, Fund Raising, Marketing/Communication, information. Volunteers are recruiting thought out the year. The American Heart Association employees are honored and reward ever year. The employees, talent were used in different ways. In ways that are true, positive, heroic, and committed. Before employers were hired with the American Heart Association they must take classes on, health, and safety life-saving First Aid kits, and CPR. Solstice is a wellness company for the American Heart Association. Physical activity and employees are important priorities.

Solstice provides the best workplace environment possible. Solstice outlined nine criteria by the American Heart Association by sites of physical activity, nutrition, and culture. Twenty twelve Solstice provided employers, CPR training, smoking cessation programs, weight loss programs, nutritional counseling, incorporated healthy snacks, and indoor walking paths. A treadmill was provided in the office to support wellness and activity. $22. 8 billion a year American employer’s health care expenses and health-related cost increase. May 2005 the American Heart Association and The Clinton Foundation create a new generation of Healthy Americans.

Eight million was granted from The Robert Wood Foundation. (President Bill Clinton says 54 million young people attended nearly 123, 000 schools across the country. ) President Robert Eckel of the American Heart Association says the program has success, and will be measure by how schools achieve change and balance their priorities. The American Heart Association Teaching Gardens is a program created by Kelly Meyer. This program is for America’s school teaching them healthy living though fun, hands-on Teaching Gardens. Children through the first and fifth grade learn how to plant seeds, and nurture growth plants.

Garden teaches nutrition, math, and science. Students celebrate gardening milestones: planting day, harvesting, actives throughout the program. Encouraging healthy diets in young children helps combat childhood obesity. The American Heart Association provides opportunities for children to enjoy healthy foods. In conclusion the American Heart Association designs and honors to help reduce disability and death from cardiovascular disease and strokes. Teaching the children about living healthy lives is extraordinary. When the American Heart Association was discovered in 1915 it was a good idea.

It’s nice how the people that work for the American Heart Association puts in all their time and effort it shows that people do care about others health. The American Heart Disease is a great and a nice place to be. Reference http://www/heart. org/HEARTORG/General/History-of-the-American-Heart-Assoction. http://www. ehow. com/about5094968_history-american-heart-assocation. html http://www. heart-org/HEARTORG www. rwjf. org/pr/product, jsp? id= 21807 Wiki answer. com/Q/who_are_the-3_stakeholders_of-the-American_Heart_Assocation www. heartorg/HEARTORG/GettingHealthy/Healthierkids/OurPrograms/American-Heart-Assocition-Teaching-Gadern

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