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The aim of christianity

The aim of Christianity is a lifestyle that is reflective to those who are outside and inside the realm of it. This book carried me on a journey to rediscover my individuality in Christ; the necessary reasons for the collectivism of the church and understanding my higher purpose for being in the Body of Christ. In understanding those three aspects, I now have an appreciation for writer’s description of appropriate practice of living for God. The introduction of the book to me outlined the way the people in the world work. Ultimately, its not about the dependence on ourselves to create a world of justice but understanding that God is a just God. We should also expect that he will create justice with the efficiency and effectiveness (according to his will) that is meant to exist in this world.

Jesus plays a crucial role in the transformation of our minds from what the world appears to be (because of social influences) to what it could be from the perspective of someone reborn in Christ. As humans, we have a natural sense of justice; we know what it is but we don’t always experience it all the time. While, there’s still the existence of injustice, we have that moral instinct to make things right. Injustice have presented itself over the years in the forms of prejudice, stereotype, intolerance for the different and messed up philosophies. From World War I and the holocaust to the discovery of the western world; injustice have overshadowed the rights of the people in history. As much as we want to experience justice, the real question is why can’t we fix it? Why do we even want to fix it? The reason for that moral instinct is because God is speaking to us and though us. God made us in His image and His likeness and therefore He made us with a sense of justice just as He is justice. That same justice exist in Christianity today, through Jesus who set into motion the plan that God had for this world. In his life, Jesus met people who have experienced injustice, even Jesus himself experience unfairness by people including those who follow the same God who sent him. Christians then and even Christians now have contributed to some of the wrongs and injustice that the world have experience. We follow the One who is perfect but always fall short as well and that where forgiveness from God is granted. On the other hand, there are Christians who have understood their role in fighting for justice and have contributed significantly to make the world a place of fairness.

We have a yearning for spirituality. There is a lot of skepticism when it come to the idea of spirituality because of the philosophy that have shaped the culture of the western world. Spirituality is embedded so far in the depths of the hearts and minds of humanity, that there is stigma associated with admitting that people had spiritual experiences. At the same time, there are many people attempting to rediscover their spirituality especially in the western hemisphere. However, its like a fad where many experience their discovery as a DIY project that makes them feel better about themselves. Therefore, one can now find different literature that blend Christian concepts with self-discovery philosophies so that people can get what they want. People seek spirituality but do they seek the truth? The fact is that the truth has been perverted with many other things but we have the truth, are we willing to listen to our calling?

As much as we crave to connect with our spirituality, we were also created have relationships with each other. God did not design for us to be alone even from the beginning of time. He created Eve to be with Adam. God is a God of relationships and He made us to function the same. In the midst of this, we messed that up with perverting the natural course of sexual attraction and intercourse. I think my question here is: can we really handle the complexity that God has created us with? We live in a world full of complexity, in fact we live a life of complexity. Nevertheless, no matter how complex we or the world are God will always be more complex than we can ever think or imagine. In fact, God is so complex, that a lot of people cannot understand or believe how God can exist in all his power. For example, we live in a time-space continuum and we fail to understand that a creator of a creation has to exist outside of it in order to create it. Therefore it is impossible for God to be confined to space and time if He created it. The moment the Bible said “ In the beginning (time was created) God created the heavens and the earth (Space was created)” Genesis 1: 1. However, there are so many theories that makes an attempt to understand the beginning of Time and the existence of God, even from the days of the Old Testament.

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