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T.g.i.f restaurant review

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T. G. I. F Restaurant Review It was rainy, crowded and loud at the entrance, the smell of cigarette and rum filled the air of the lobby area. It was Saturday night at the T. G. I. F in Ormond Beach, the Giant’s were playing so the place was packed and fans were being loud. The restaurant is located on a corner of Ocean Shore ; Granada Blvd. The building itself is made of bricks with big colorful windows and huge cherry finished wooden doors with brass handles. Inside, the walls are cherry wood and covered with big mirrors and stuffed dear heads.

The tables and chairs are all dark wood with a very rich red color. The atmosphere inside almost had an Irish pub feel to it, people were very happy and socializing loud, laughter filled the air. Men argued about whose team were better, young people laughing at jokes and friends, there were televisions tuned to sports. We may just be lucky, but every server we have had at Friday’s has been excellent. They are friendly, well informed, prompt, and attentive. The staffs there were all clean cut and very down to earth but yet nice and helpful.

Although we were a party of 6 and the place was packed, the wait was only 15 minutes. They sat us down and we had a waitress with us promptly to take our drink order. There cuisine is more along the line of good old fashioned Americana food. Fried foods, ribs, barbeque and burgers. They have a small variety of salads and soups but it had something for everyone, whether in a diet or not. There prices are reasonable for the amount and quality of food given. That night I was very ravenous and felt like going with something big and filling, I wasn’t watching in a diet that night.

For an appetizer I ordered a broccoli cheddar soup. The soup was brought out in less than 10 minutes with saltine crackers. It was hot and smelled great, it went with great with the ugly and cold weather outside. The soup was really good thick and creamy and it made me happy and content while waiting for my food. For my main course I ordered the Jack Daniel Chicken ; Shrimp. Items range in price from about $4. 95 to $19. 95. Portions are large enough on most entrees that they can be split between two individuals. Finally, the Friday’s atmosphere is family oriented.

They have both booths and tables for dining. There is a bar area separated from the main dining area. There you can enjoy wine, beer, or a mixed drink, often with snacks during Happy Hour. Although, it can definitely get a little noisy in the dining room, that might have something to do with the fact that TGI Friday’s is a popular eating establishment for young and old alike. Take out is also available and many restaurants will bring your ” to go” items out to your car. To me T. G. I Friday is a good restaurant and sports bar that I highly recommend to everyone.

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