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Terror problem in turkey

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As a fact, terror activities are complicated in their nature and execution. They have a variety of motives, conditions, objectives and different authors (Bliss 14). In a generalized understanding, terror activities are threats by the use of violence and combat strategies that are objectively intended to induce fear and cause harm to people. It is noted that terrorism is an exaggerated way of expression that demeans the values of democracy in the world. As a result, the incumbent governments have to initiate several ways and avenues of combating terror to enhance democracy.
The Turkish government has been actively involved in fighting terrorism. It is noted that Turkey established an anti-terror law in 1991. The ostensible reason for the law was to annihilate the activities of terror groups, and one of the outstanding groups was the Kurdistan Workers Party (Jones 1). The activities of the group were deemed unconstitutional as they affected a part of society. However, in recent time, the Turkey government has been criticized by world leaders in concerns of fighting terror attacks.
Several cases of terror attacks have been recorded in Turkey. The recent case is the bombing near the embassy of the United States. Consequentially, terror attacks in Turkey are divided into different categories. The first category is car and truck bombings. These include the Diyarbakir incident in 2008 and 2013 Istanbul bombing (Ahmed 18). The second category involves attacks by organizations, which include Al-Qaeda and Kurdistan Workers Party. Thirdly, there is a suicide bombing, which includes 2007 bombing in Ankara and 2010 Istanbul blast. Therefore, it is evident that Turkey has experienced various terror attacks. As such, there is a need to enhance commitment to fighting terror activities.

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