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Nowadays, people live in a completely different life compared with years ago since the arrival of the technology. Technology has changed the way how teens act and think. Now, teens are less creative than they used to be because of the Internet, they are able to communicate face to face due to Keep and other chatting websites, teenagers are more social networking because of the use of the Backbone and twitter. First, technology has made teens less creative than they used to be.

With the lad f the computers and internet, people can easily look up anything they want on the Internet. People In the past, they had to create their own Ideas and work. Now, If we are looking for Ideas to be drawn, we can Just type In the key words In Google and hundreds of Images and Ideas will appear. The modern technology has Increased the act of plagiarism. When people copy each other’s Idea, less people will be motivated to spend time and effort in creating something out of the world. Second, technology makes the teens able to communicate face to face due to

Keep. With the advancement of technology, it has opened many ways of communicating. People in the past could not communicate as teens are communicating these days, they had to use letters and that process of communicating was taking long time. Now, Keep and other chatting website make the communication process so easy. Teens can see each other even if they are in different countries. Modern technology also makes teens in constant communication with each other’s by the using of chatting websites.

Lastly, technology makes teens more social networking because of the use of the Backbone and twitter. Before the modern technology appear, people and teens were more likely meet together for social life, Now, after the modern technology enters the teens’ life, teens switch the social meetings and hang out with the social networking due to Backbone and Twitter. Teens prefer to meet on the internet life rather than meeting in the actual life. The studies said that 73% of the teens have social websites such as Backbone.

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