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Technology and the future

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It as been thought that older folks are not as good with technology, so people may tend to hire younger people. In reality older workers are willing to learn the new technology. We have to consider things Like a slower learning curve and trailing should consider the cognitive, sensory and physical changes of the adult. For example due to arthritis using a mouse could cause some issues. Thanks to the improved technology there are special computers made for the elderly that are easier to use. It is true that today’s older generation is less likely to use, personal computer, cell phones, and other technologies.

By building and marketing for the elderly this can be dispelled. Thanks to this growing group marketing is looking at this a new revenue source and are starting to develop products with our elderly in mind. A major barrier to the age of technology is the cost. For most elders are living on a budget. Much of this technology that they can’t afford can improve their lives drastically. Cutler, S. (2005). With the work force shrinking and the elderly population growing there are going to be some major problems In the next 20 to 40 years.

With social security In trouble the elderly will be more at risk for financial problems and roving for their basic needs let alone the technology that can Improve their lives. Technology can improve different aspects of our lives, communication, employment, is improving. With the use of the internet we can Keep with people all over the world. Families can sit and have a face to face conversation. They can talk for as long as they want without worrying about the cost per minute. You can keep up with family members that live away through things like Backbone.

You can easily download love ones pictures from the site. Instead of driving from one site to another looking or Jobs one can do it from home on a computer. Computers and automated machines are doing Jobs that were once done manually. People are able to learn anything on the internet. There are online colleges right down to You Tube. This writer actually found out how to fix her washer on You Tube when she never would have dreamed it possible. One’s living environment can be affected from security systems to smart homes.

This writer remembers when the clapper came out. The clapper can turn on or off, whatever you plug into by clapping. That was Just the coolest thing. Now with smart house voice commands can turn these things on for o, along with many other features. Transportation has improved in different ways, GAPS helps people find their way easily without having to stop and look at maps. There are APS you can put on your cell phone that views your path and will inform you if something enters your path or if you are getting too close to other cars and objects.

Technology in the health field has Just boomed. From tiny hearing aids, and cochlear implants, to pacemakers, and many ways that the doctors can improve and save one’s life. People can access and gain knowledge about health issues Just by goggling them. People can go online and ask doctors’ health questions. There is Just so much to cover in this area. Assisted technology is helping people live a more enjoyable and productive life. Morgan, Russell E. , Jar. (2005). Today’s seniors are more likely to avoid a lot of the technology..

The research found that ” older Americans have become involved in computer and Internet-based technology and what impact this has had on their lives. In her 2004 report, Susann Fox (2004), director of research of the Pew Internet and American Life project, noted that the percentage of inners (persons aged 65 and older) who go online has Jumped by 47% between 2000 and 2004″ Morgan, Russell E. , Jar. (2005). So like this study shows that in the future baby boomers will be more willing and wanting to learn and use technology.

This technology will improve everyone’s lives on the most part. There may be times when it will not be a blessing. One example would be when someone does not want to let go of a loved one and they keep them alive for their own benefit when it is only hurting the one it is intended to help. This may become seen as intrusive options hat may conflict with privacy and autonomy. One problem that will develop with keeping people alive longer and through illnesses and disabilities is the cost. Health care affordability is already questioned.

This will become more of a problem as the number of elderly increase and the cost also increase. Institute for the Future. (2008). Social security future looks dim. The board of trustee’s projects that the cost will rise so much that by 2035 social security will only be able to pay 75 percent of benefits. Already elders are having a hard time making ends meet. This will Just cause more of a public debt. One problem will Just be exchanged for another problem if someone does not come up with a solution. Goes, S. C. (2010) Technology is advancing so fast that it creates new ethical issues.

Society uses does not have guidelines to follow it becomes easy to overlook or ignore issues. Past issues like the fax machine where personal and private information was accidental being faxed to wrong numbers. Other issues have been e-mail therapy, online health information or online billing and reimbursement. Nicholson, l. R. (2011) This report covered the significance of technology and the aging population. It discussed how the importance these technological changes will make in the lives of the elderly and the problems that may occur because of these same changes.

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