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Technology affects communication

Technology affects communication capableness of specialized databases In the criminal Justice system by different systems such as Live Scan, Automated Finger Identification System that Is also known as IFS database, and Mobile data terminal. All these systems were created over the recent years and were made with many modern technological features. Live Scan system is the new and improved way to take finger prints of suspect electronically while cutting back on some of the work for officers.

With the use of Live Scan Officers no longer have to use the traditional way f taking finger prints by using the black ink and paper ten print card method that was the usually used when doing finger prints. (” The FBI: Federal, 2008″). The ink and paper print card was a lot more time consuming and a more costly method for the State. A lot of processing and storage of this Information had to be done unlike Live Scan where the prints are taking on the computer and then uploaded to ASH Automated Finger Identification System and stored on that system. ” FL biometric center,” 2010). Being that everything now days is done by computer this method Is easier and cuts own on the use of paper and time as far as locating old record and information. IFS Automated Finger Identification System is used nationwide fingerprint and criminal history system, that is used 365 day a year 24 hours a day to help assist local, state, investigator, and federal officer to prevent, solve crimes and catch criminals and protect the nation from terrorist.. (” Fbi biometric center,” 2010). BASIS is the largest biometric database in the world.

This system houses on average more than 70 million criminal files of subject along and around 34 million if not more civil rings. This system has more than 73, 000 known terrorist that are suspected terrorist crimes against the united States. (” The FL: Federal, 2008″). Mobile Data Technology Is used to assist all officers’ state, county, federal with solving problems and give them access to records In real time. This technology has the capability to locate and bring up mug shots, map, and a person’s identification and identity. Security Info Watch, 2010). Mobile Data Technology is based off the use of the Internet and is commonly used by officers while they are out in the field. Mobile Data Technology is connected to live scan these device works effectively together by how they link offenders together by fingerprints. The two device communicate by the information that they both hold these system helps the criminal Justice field in many deferent but when officer are out in the field these systems help with solving a problem in a speedy amount of time. Security Info Watch, 2010). In the sass’s Mobile Data commercial applications begin to appear with devices like pagers, personal digital assistants (PDA), cell phones with text messaging and laptops. Mobile data also started to disappear this was due to companies started offering better packages that could be used not Just locally but nationwide. Pad’s Cellular phone and laptop computers are a huge part of the criminal justice system. (Magnusson, 2009). These devices use has justice.

The simple use of a cellular phone and laptops having the ability to retrieve information at any giving moment and time of the day proves how effective this technology has become and aided with communication. The use of broadband and hot spot, Wi-If wireless data allows officer and agencies to upload information, needed documents, and reports along with retrieve and send all this information. This technology also is good for the safety of because they can contact dispatch in many of different way if needed and police scanners can’t be picked up by radios as freely. Magnusson, 2009). All of these types of technology work together and have positive effects for the criminal Justice system in the area of investigations. Past technology was a lot harder and the process was a lot longer especially if the officers didn’t have the suspect or suspects in in front of them in order to follow all the need step to find out the information that was needed in a reasonable amount of time. (Magnusson, 2009). * Negative effects of new technologies on communication in the criminal Justice system * has become a lot easier for criminals to find ways to purchase the same type of technology * that officers in the criminal Justice systems have. In some cases if a criminal has the right * connections it is possible for criminal to purchase Technology that is more advances than * law enforcement departments. When Criminals gain Access to these types of technology it * gives criminals a hence to evade arrest and figure out ways to keep their Illegal criminal * organization’s operating. The type of specialized technology I would use would be Facial recognition. * Facial recognition is a system that is used for identifying fugitives, missing people, and a person that is unknown and of interest, and tracking movements of subjects. Facial recognition is also capable of identifying subjects that are in the public database. The system also allows the FL and Departments to match and verify mug shots against the National Criminal Information Center Records. (NCSC) The DMS uses a type of facial recognition software in some states the system can match any person with an ID, license or passport that is in the system.

Facial recognition can cause a problem with issues of privacy. This system can view and record anyone in a crowd and place them in federal database with out a person knowing or without a warrant and can view the person in real-time surveillance. This system is good in some ways but takes away a person privacy rights in a lot of ways. Facial recognition can be looked at as spying if a person doesn’t know they are being watched. * Everyone should have the right to privacy and for his or her personal information not to be Just open to be watch in real time.

Facial recognition is good for terrorist and to track criminals on probation and parole and catch criminals but not evade people’s personal lives with out the persons consent.

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