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Technological advancements 42252

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The 21st century is considered to be the age of technology. There have been numerous technological advancements that have improved society, while there have also been those developments that have aided to the decline of society. Newly constructed mass weapons of destruction contribute to the death of millions, whereas, computers allow easy access for knowledge gaining and to be connected globally. Nations around the world are using the technology of computers to advance themselves and to increase development. With a computer boundless opportunities are within the confines with just a click of a button. Like many systems that have become electronic and computerized, the educational system would be left behind if it did not follow suit. Many schools require students to use technology and I will examine what are the downsides as well as positive aspects to using technology on campuses. The increasingly overwhelming response is that technology is positive and it aids to the students success. Its ease of use and time-saving factor and knowledge gained makes it a no-brainer as to why students should use technology.

Many college campuses across the nation require that students own a computer. The basis behind this is that many classes have various components that are on-line, and some classes are entirely on-line. The instructor may make notes available electronically and papers need to be written for the class and the best method is to use a computer. With so many components of the class being essential to use the internet it is critical that students have continual access to computers. It is very important to have the internet for research. There are so many sources available on the internet on every topic imaginable. Going to the library and reading an entire book for research can be exhausting and never-ending, so the internet allows time-saving and the ability to find sources with ease. It is now also very common for students to have to do presentations. In order to have an adequate slide show presentation it is necessary to use a computer. Many professors will also set office hours but make themselves available through email at any time. This is very convenient for people who may not be able to make those specified hours or that need help after hours.

One complaint is that too much technology may isolate the student and hinder the learning process. The student may become too reliant on technology by always emailing the teacher instead of addressing concerns in person, disallowing quality communication. The student may also be more inclined to only use the computer for research and not ever go to the library. In either instance the pros seem to outweigh the cons. It is expected that most students would use email sparingly and not all the time. Email is still a very convenient tool for the instructor and the student. Also, on the later account, many instructors require that students use multiple sources when doing research, therefore they are unable to avoid the library. All in all, it is not believed that technology will empty the library but that it will enhance the learning process because it allows more of a wide range of knowledge and connects the student on a global level.

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