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Tanishq: positioning to capture indian women’s heart essay sample

India is the largest consumer of gold in the universe to be followed by China and Japan. India is emerging as world’s largest trading Centre of this trade good with a mark of US $ 16 bn. set for 2010. Placed against marks to accomplish 65 per centum of the international market by 2010. India’s treasure and jewelry industry has registered an impressive 21.

33 per centum growing in exportsIndia dominates the world’s cut and polished diamonds ( CPD ) market. In value footings. the state accounts for about 55 per centum of planetary polished diamond market and about 9 per centum of the jewelry market. Harmonizing to GJEPC’s probationary estimation. cut and polished diamonds registered 19.

06 per centum growing in exports at US $ 7. 11 manganese. India histories for 80-85 per cent of the world’s CPD market in volume footings. 55-60 per cent in value footings and about 90 per cent in unit footings. Other major participants in the planetary CPD market are Belgium and Israel.

Surat contributes 90 per centum of India’s entire diamonds exports. India’s domestic branded jewelry market is estimated at US $ 150 bn. There are 13 bullion importing Bankss in India. India’s Gem and Jewellery Exports Promotion Council ( GJEPC ) is taking at turning India into an International Diamond Trading Centre. Since India already enjoys 80-85 per cent of the universe CPD market.

range for farther growing in diamond exports is limited. Hence. if India’s treasures and jewelry sector is to well increase exports. the best stake lies in the jewelry sub-sector. Given the fact that the planetary market for stone-studded jewelry is spread outing. there is range for enlargement in India’s diamond-studded jewelry exports every bit good.

With or without diamond-studding. gold jewelry is a market where India has enormous range for export growing. India is the world’s biggest consumer of gold harmonizing to World Gold Council Statistics. However. India’s exports of gold jewelry ( 13 per cent of its entire treasure and jewelry exports ) are negligible: less than 2 per cent of the US $ 80 bn planetary market.

Decades of insularity from the universe markets has besides non helped jewelry design development in India. India is by far behind Hong Kong. Italy and Germany in footings of jewelry design. This is another barrier to exports.

WGC has hence introduced international jewelry planing competitions among the Indian craftsmans. GJEPC expects 10 per cent one-year growing in India’s jewelry exports in approaching old ages. This is the lone country in the treasures and jewelry sector where export growing possible exists since. as said above. India’s CPD exports already histories for 80-85 per cent of the planetary market.

therefore cut downing the range for farther enlargement. Customss responsibility on unsmooth diamonds and colored treasure rocks. semi-processed. half-cut and broken diamonds has been abolished while that on cut & A ; polished diamonds and colored gemstones has been reduced from 15 % to 5 % .

The decrease in the imposts responsibility on imported gold to Rs 100 ( US $ 2 ) per 10 gms from Rs 250 ( approx. US $ 5 ) is a measure in the right way. so thinks the industry. Company Overview: In 1984. Questar Investments Limited ( a Tata group company ) and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited ( TIDCO ) jointly promoted Titan Watches Limited ( Titan ) .

Initially involved in the tickers and redstem storksbills concern. Titan subsequently ventured into the jewelry concerns. In 1995. Titan changed its name from ‘ Titan Watches Ltd. ’ to ‘ Titan Industries Ltd.

’ in order to alter its image from that of a ticker maker to that of a manner accoutrements maker. In the same twelvemonth. it besides started its jewelry division under the Tanishq trade name. Among the branded jewelry participants in the Indian market.

Tanishq is considered to be a trendsetter. When it was launched in 1995. Tanishq began with 18-carat jewelry. Recognizing that such jewelry did non sell good in the domestic market.

the 18-carat jewelry scope was expanded to include 22 and 24-carat decorations as good. When Tanishq was launched. it sold most of its merchandises through multibrand shops. In 1998.

Tanishq decided to put up its ain concatenation of retail salesrooms to make a typical trade name image. By 2002. Tanishq retailed its jewelry through 53 sole shops across 41 metropoliss. To run into increasing demand. Tanishq planned to open 125 shops by the terminal of 2009 and offer a scope of ‘ wearable’ merchandises with monetary values get downing at Rs. 400.

Tanishq is India’s largest. most desirable and fastest turning jewelry trade name in India. Tanishq today is India’s most aspirational all right jewelry trade name with an keen scope of gold jewelry studded with diamonds or colored treasures and a broad scope of every bit dramatic jewelry in 22Kt pure gold. Exquisite Pt jewelry and interior decorator silverware is besides portion of the merchandise scope.

Tanishq promises superior quality jewelry with pureness in gold. They claim and present the exact carats and weight that they promise. Impurity in gold and non presenting what was promised is one of the chief jobs the consumers face when traveling for gilded purchase. Tanishq eliminated this and has built its trade name in trust. Tanishq now stands for quality and pureness. They even have gold metres where one can look into the pureness of gold.

It is first and merely jewelry maker who guarantees the pureness of its gold jewelry and certifies the quality of its diamonds and coloured treasures in composing. Thus it has established itself as a extremely ethical participant in a market that was rated as holding the highest incidence of underkaratage ( Bureau of Indian Standards ) . Widely acknowledged as a design leader. Tanishq is known for its ability to develop specialised design aggregations. Tanishq is the lone jewelry maker that houses a fully fledged design studio with a squad of several international award winning Indian interior decorators. Tanishq was late adjudged the Most Admired Jewellery trade name ( for the 3rd back-to-back clip ) in India at the Images Fashion awards.

It has besides been judged as the Images Retailer of Year in the manner class. Distinctive placement and client experience. Yet another facet of Tanishq that sets it apart is a whole new jewelry purchasing experience offered by its sole retail salesrooms. Tanishq has non merely developed a national retail concatenation with unvarying and crystalline patterns and policies but besides maintained consistence of retailing criterions across all these salesrooms on an on-going footing.

It has a typical placement in India as it is known for its high quality and jewelry with international criterions. Besides. since they have many shops across the state they give warrant on their jewelry and besides offer to mend it free of cost anyplace across the state. CUSTOMER OVERVIEW: There was ever deficiency of trust among the consumers for their jewelry makers. Tanishq removed that with a promise of pureness.

Hence what it did in India it can retroflex across the Earth. Offer a wholly new position to Jewellery purchasing particularly when it comes to exquisite oriental jewelry. Oriental Jewellery across the universe is normally found in flea markets or topographic point like China Town or Indian Markets. Traveling into the chief markets in the Western universe will give Tanishq the border. The market can be segmented into two classs of clients: Customers who by gold for investingCustomers who buy gold for embroiderySWOT ANALYSISTHE MANAGEMENT DILEMMA: The house has to take between an established trade name.

Tanishq. and a new trade name. GoldPlus. to travel after the Indian field gilded jewellery market: Tanishq. ab initio targeted at a western client. has undergone strategic retooling and has presently been repositioned to function the “ traditional yet modern” Indian adult female.

The trade name still carries some luggage from its yesteryear. GoldPlus. on the other manus. is a new trade name that is positioned to function the field gold marrying jewellery market.

A assortment of strategic. economic. organisational and trade name investing grounds make the determination an of import one. RecommendationIndia is a immense state. dwelling of a broad assortment of people holding different income sections. The in-between income group in India is yet non strong plenty to feature branded jewelry.

That is the lone ground that they still prefer traveling to traditional jewelry makers. For Tanishq the company should transport on with the construct of GoldPlus. as it caters to this possible section that can non afford Tanishq but decidedly aspire for it. This would non merely assist the company to retain and spread out its client base. but would besides guarantee that every bit and when this section grows ( as projected by many studies on Indian in-between income group ) would purchase Tanishq merely.

Company has to be careful in retailing the GoldPlus trade name. there should non be any commixture of the two trade names in the same shop. the GoldPlus shops should be separate and the shop atmosphere should snap to the heads of the mark section. The quality of service and designs should be at par so that the trade name equity of Tanishq is non dissolved. As the communicating scheme of the trade name is really good at that place should non be any disagreement in the heads of the clients sing GoldPlus and Tanishq.

The return on investing for GoldPlus during first twelvemonth was 19 % as mentioned in Erode franchisee balance sheet. which depicts a good image of the new concern theoretical account by Titan group. The cumulative net income earned by each concern theoretical account is much more than what it would be if it’s merged into a individual concern theoretical account. As the mark section for Tanishq and Gold Plus are really different from each other hence the opportunities of cannibalization are rare. The ROE of Tanishq as estimated in twelvemonth 2011 is 90. 60 % while that of Gold Plus is 66 % .

To do this possible the company will hold to follow a branded house scheme for both the trade names. A branded house. when done decently. has an overarching reassurance to the client that those that choose this BRAND portion an property non a merchandise property but an identifiable personal property that non merely sets them apart but is built-in to their ain personal designation. Choosing such a trade name is non needfully a affair of demoing off or expose.

Rather it is perfectly a agency of self-discovery and personal fulfilment alternatively of holding to trust entirely on merchandise properties like in the house of trade names theoretical account.

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