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Symbolic interaction argumentative essay

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This paper will discuss Symbolic Interaction verses Structural Functional and Conflict Theory. I chose Symbolic Interaction on the basis that I deal with people all day in the hospital environment, and I feel that I see many dynamics of individuals with their beliefs and personalities. I would Like to discuss the relationship In society (functional) and the competitiveness (conflict theory) at a later time. This news event I believe depicts the Symbolic Interaction In society based on belief and traditions of individuals.

The paper will show the core of some individual’s beliefs and going to be eared in the Supreme Court, which will be dealing with religious and personal and/or traditional ways of thinking vs.. The government influence on society and a mandate in which some feel is unacceptable for individuals or business. Obama care, introduced to society what was interrupted as an affordable health care program for citizens to get health care who may otherwise not have any.

The 2010 Affordable Care Act requires groups such as businesses of a certain size to obtain and provide health Insurance to their employees or pay fines.

Within the elm of this Care Act the proposed mandate to businesses regarding contraception, that, they as business and according the Care Act must provide women with contraception options has some religious groups as well as Individuals In an uproar.

The controversy regarding contraception and possible contraception methods in which some feel causes abortion, and feel this is a violation of religious and personal beliefs (symbolic interaction) will be heard in the Supreme Court once again. Years ago society dealt with the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions, which had a erroneous effect on religious, personal and traditional beliefs due to the Pro-life interpretations.

The particular individuals are the owners of the Hobby Lobby stores. The foundation of this company is based upon their Christian faith.

The suggestion, requirement and government mandate has rocked the company’s beliefs. They feel that this part of the Care Act violates their religious liberty. As stated In an article published by CNN.

Com, the Hobby Lobby store emphasize Its desire to operate In harmony with biblical principles while competing in a secular marketplace, which heir leaders publicly stated opposition to abortion. The company was founded on and with religion; the company feels the government has gone too far with the mandate of this benefit within the medical coverage.

Symbolic Interaction would apply to the issue at hand with the Hobby Lobby stores and the Obama care, Health Care Act. The principles of the owners of the Hobby Lobby store believe within their religion (Mennonite) which places strong emphasis on peacemaking, service to others and living holy, Christ-centered life. Even within ND among the religion they have conflicts about Judging, oaths, sitting on a Jury or taking a government office.

Yet the Issues of contraception have not changed, they God’s choice within the marriage of man and women.

The store will offer health care to their employees but does not feel or want to offer converge for birth control which violates their beliefs. This issue is observed as an individual choice; the women who want birth control want to be able to purchase this with co-pay on insurance plans. If you work for Hobby Lobby you may not have that choice, so is this a religious liberty choice, arsenal choice or governmental choice.

If you choose to work for a religious based business, company what role does this play in labor laws, employment issues. All these are government regulated and interpretations of individuals, based on the majority beliefs of society, the higher courts, the past traditions of our founding fathers that over the years have been altered.

I think that symbolic interaction may be hugely core to our society; traditions are based from years of learning, structure of beliefs among and within us.

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