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Sure thing, by david ives

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1. After reading the short play “ Sure Thing” What are your thoughts about the play? What did the bell symbolize? The play “ Sure Thing” shows the different possible routes that a conversation can take, and the chances of it fining a successful end, when the answers are always in the affirmative. It seems that the idea of the play is to show how difficulties can be overcome, or perhaps the conditions that are required to overcome these difficulties in continuation of a relationship. I particularly like the concept of a restart, something that is not possible in real life circumstances. So, it would not be wrong to suggest that Bill and Betty symbolize multiple conversations, with one finding the happy ending that both would have hoped for. I believe this shows hope and the possibility of finding the right person to love and cherish, despite possible failures along the way.
The bell symbolizes the ending of the current conversation, but also acts as the cue for starting a new one. It sort of resets the play, giving the characters the opportunity to move towards the correct answer of love, marriage and affection towards each other. In a practical sense, the bell acts as a signal for a wrong answer. As stated before, this would not be possible in real life and shows that people are generally very picky or judgmental in conversations with strangers. These answers also show what society expects of people, especially with regards to the questions about university education etc, and the value of persistence, deemed necessary by society in any developing relationship (Kennedy, Gioia, 2007, p. 1268).
2. After reading “ Antigone” identify the main conflict, protagonist, antagonist, climax and theme. What are your thoughts about the play?
The main conflict in “ Antigone” is between the individual and the power of the state, along with raising pertinent questions about tyranny, pride and issues of gender. It is clear that both Antigone and Creon can lay claim to the title of protagonist in the play. On a simple level, Antigone is the protagonist because the play is named after her, and leads forward due to her actions. On the other hand, even Creon through his later actions, could be justified as being the protagonist. However, I believe that the protagonist is Antigone and Creon fulfills the role of the antagonist. The climax of this play would definitely be the suicides of Antigone and Haemon. The theme of the play is the conflict between “ natural law” and manmade law and the role of pride in this conflict.
I believe that the play brings into focus ideas that are essential in today’s world as well. It questions whether precedent is more valuable than progress and asks questions about the varying approaches to law and customs. Further, it also questions the importance of human life in comparison to free speech and expression, and also makes us wonder about the real nature of justice.

Kennedy, X. J., & Gioia, D. (2007), Literature, An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing (10th ed.). New York: Pearson Longman.

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