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Article summary The mental development of the children is affected by the economic situation of the family. In fact, the major factor leading to mental disorder is inequality between the two groups which in turn affects the development of the children leading to mental disorder. According to Pickett, greater income inequality has a direct effect on mental illness and drug misuse in the rich society. Therefore, the increased level of mental illness is an inevitable consequence of modern life resulting from the high income societies. The findings indicate that the illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin are common in more unequal society.
From the findings by Pickett and Wilkinson, it is evident that the implication of the findings is diverse and falls into two camps, which include making UK a more equal society. Consequently, leads to happier and healthier society with reduced stress and drug abuse. The redistribution of taxes and the use of benefits to reduce the income inequality can reduce stress. The use of the various actions to reduce the increasing gap between the rich and the poor can be effective and lead to the development of a controlled income society. The development of a society with minimal substance abuse is dependent on the strategies developed to combat inequality.
However, from the income data provided by the author, it is evident that the UK is not among the most unequal of the rich market democracies. Therefore, it is possible to achieve restructuring of the society to reduce inequalities associated with the income differences. Mental illness can be addressed by handling the challenges associated income inequality and reduce reliance on drug or substance abuse. Despite the challenges associated with stress, it is evident the disparity income within the society.

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