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SUCCESS STORY : SUCCESS STORY Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel, the founder of  Rs. 2500 crore (US$ 500 million) “ NIRMA”  group. Believed in value for money equation Sells 8, 00, 000 tonnes of detergent powder every year Market share of 35% Market Size : Market Size Closest threat to HUL with 35% market share. Nirma and Nima with 32 variants are distributed through more than 2 million retail outlets, generating gross sales in excess of Rs. 2600 crore. The company has reported 4% drop in sales and 13% decline in net profit Margins Achievements : Achievements 7th largest consumer brand by ACNielsen 03. First brand to recognize and harness the power of the Indian rural market. First Indian brands to merit a Harvard Business Review case study Products : Products Consumer Soaps Detergents Edible salt Scouring product Nirma shikakai Nirma shampoo Nirma toothpaste Industrial LAB ( Linear Alkyl Benzene ) AOS ( Alfa Olefin Sulfonate ) Sulfuric Acid Glycerin Soda Ash Pure salt Vacuum Evaporated Iodized Salt SSP- Single Super Phosphate Sodium silicate Soaps : Soaps Nirma Bath Soap Nirma Premium soap Nirma Beauty Soap Nirma Lime Fresh Soap Nima Rose Nima Sandal Nima Lime Nima Herbal Nirma Herbalina Detergents : Detergents Nirma Washing Powder Nirma Detergent Cake Super Nirma Washing Powder Nirma Popular Detergent Nirma Popular Detergent Cake Nima Green Powder Promotion : Promotion Featured a lady washing a garment Daughter was featured on the pack Focuses on value-for-money One of the oldest and catchy jingle first aired on radio in 1975, was broadcast on television in 1982 Nirma Consumer Care Limited Brand value : Brand value Initially every pack of Nirma came with a money back guarantee. Believes in bonding with the consumer. The jingle has been used by Nirma for the last 25 years. Recent Developments : Recent Developments The company has relaunched Nirma Yellow Washing Powder and Nirma Beauty Soap, two of its strongest brands. Nirma Yellow Powder is being re-launched with improved formulation and new advertising. This is an extension of the original ad which will return after the launch is over. Nirma Beauty Soap is being re-launched with a new shape, fragrance and a smarter, brighter pack to improve shelf visibility Acquired Searles Valley Minerals Operations and Searles Valley Minerals : Thank You

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