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Strength assignments

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Your full September 10, My Experience Working in Team Working in team demands a lot of spirit and tolerance because the role you are playing in a team may not match with your personality characteristics. My experience of team work has been a good one and I am going to describe below what strengths and weaknesses I found in me while working with team.
I did a class project in a class called FME when I was a freshman at college. That was a group project of ten people. The aim was to come up with a business idea. We came up with the proposal of selling Babson hats. That was actually my idea, supported by David, Eliza and Joe, my team members. The proposal got accepted. Since it was my idea, my team members looked up to me to know the details and where to start. I began by searching my knowledge base all I knew about selling Babson hats. I assigned Martha to fill in the information gaps by searching over the internet. She refused as she said she did not like the idea of selling Babson hats and warned that she was going to leave the team. I thought I could easily convince her since all other members agreed. With the consent of others, I came up with the idea that we all would take her to Pizza Hut for lunch if she did not leave. That came out to be a magic trick. Thus, we all started and it was me who assigned everyone his task. When somebody disagreed, I sat down with him, listened to his objection and would come up with a sound alternative that was acceptable to everyone. That was the biggest strength I found me, that is, I could help others to find compromises between differing viewpoints. I also tried to introduce new and fresh ideas to the team which everyone welcomed. We had arguments over the project most of which were so time-consuming that we would not know when the class time was over. This was because we seldom reached a decision acceptable to all members. Everyone had his objections which I tried to resolve using my wits and logic. I would not get swayed by emotional arguments often raised by Bob whom I had named Mr. Emotion and everybody had laughed so much. The only weakness I found in me was that I occasionally became aggressive when somebody came late for discussion or left early or did not meet deadlines. I think I could better convince them to be punctual by being nice instead of being aggressive. I always tried to remain on the positive side during all arguments and this was what all members of my team loved when they felt disappointed or distressed over the project. I tried to lift their spirits through my humor and commitment. I always praised them when they did some good job which made them more committed to the project.
These were the strengths and weakness I found in me during team work. The result came out to be very productive and we all got grade A, and it was I who everyone gave the credit to!

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