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Sterling fibers technology

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The product is usually incorporated into filtration products, carpet backing, apparel, upholstery, and specialty materials.
Another product among the synthetic fibers is the specialty papers which is made from acrylic pulp that offers a wide range of unique features in specialty wet laid and slurry applications. The fibrillated fiber pulp which is used in making specialty papers is produced by unique Sterling Fibers technology incorporating a special grade wet spun acrylic fiber precursor, and is fibrillated in a customized refining process. Non-Asbestos Gaskets are made by the company to reduce the negative impacts that arises from exposure to chemicals made from asbestos. It has been found that there can never be absolute replacement for asbestos, however, its effects can be largely be minimized. Organic fibers such as cellulose and aramid pulps are thus used in a bid to facilitate the process, as well as providing tensile strength, heat/crush resistance, and fluid resistance.

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