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Spectator participant scene

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The ladies are joined by another group of ladies and they sum up to seven. They walk slowly on the pathway to the relaxing zone where they continue with their conversation.
Meanwhile, the game gets sweeter and I cannot resist the temptation of joining the team. I give the idea to my friends and they do not object to the idea of joining the players. As we head for the pitch, I remember that I have a presentation to make in an afternoon class. I stop for a while and remind my friends and surprisingly, none of them remembers the assignment. Immediately we change our minds from joining the game to preparing the presentation. We head to an empty bench where we sit and take out our presentation materials and get busy with our perfection. I notice that we are sited at a bench opposite a group of finalists who are busy discussing their project. This gives me the morale to get serious with the presentation. I notice that all my group mates, despite having forgotten about the assignment, they are all ready to contribute the ideas and materials that we are supposed to use. This motivates me more and I get down to working with my team in order to better our grades.

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