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Special education

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Education Nelly Reddix Centre: Special Education Brochure “ Promoting a Child’s Ability in Disability” Financial Support The and Northside Independent School district programs help families in need. Eligibility of a child is based on his or her diagnosis.
Special Needs Fund Program: Helps to pay for Special needs equipment. All families that have a child who is eligible for Children’s Special Health Care Services may qualify. Apply at the Central Office or by call 210-397-8500.
Medicaid Waiver Program: Program best suited for students with Intellectual and Development Disabilities. More information about this program will be available at Work Centers I and II on April 20th 2015 or call 210-397-2401 or visit: nisd. net/reddit/
Special Health Care
Hospice and palliative care programs are there to serve all children with challenging conditions when at home and school.
Special Health Care Services Program: It helps families in need with the care and the support they need for their children from birth to adult life. Children with all challenging conditions are qualified.
Parent HELPLINE: Can be used by anyone and any family that needs emergency help. Reddix centre has trained professionals who offer to support and answer the questions of all those who are in a crisis. For more information call 210-397-2401.
Special Products
Most students with disabilities have barriers of all types. However, the advent of new technology has made life easier for most students. New technology is now helping most of these students to overcome all barriers.
Medical Equipment: The medical equipment provides the students with physical flexibility in their movement while at the centre and in positioning their monitors when learning in classes. By using special toys, devices, equipment and computers, students with disabilities are also capable of handling all the activities without the help of parents, other students or teachers For more information Visit the Central Office at Nelly Reddix Centre or by call 210-397-8500.
For more Information or additional copies of this Brochure, please contact:
Northside ISD
Central Office
5900 Evers Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78238

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