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Spanish reflection

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Charli Palumbo Spanish 1-2 12 December 2012, Term 1 Whaley, Blk. 2 My First Spanish Experience When I think of Spanish, I think of my Spanish class, and when I think of my Spanish class, I remember “ o-as-a-amos-an…” along with other songs that my teacher would make us memorize. These words became redundant after my first Spanish class. The words had no meaning at the time and only gave me a sense of what Spanish is like. Honestly, I didn’t like Spanish at all, and never thought I would.

Taking Spanish in high school was probably the last thing I hoped to do. Ironically, I seem to have done pretty well in Spanish the past term despite my first impressions of the language. I didn’t really know anyone as friends, but I did come close to being really good friends with some people in the class. They didn’t like Spanish either, so I guess that was one thing we shared. Whenever we were given an assignment, like a packet to complete, we’d work together. It was a fun term of learning Spanish with competition and challenges.

I must say that my learning was also the result of having Senora Whaley as my teacher. I’ve never had a teacher as bright or as motivating as Senora Whaley, and she really was fun but also pushed students to do what would make them successful. Sometimes things seemed impossible, like memorizing and reciting a presentation in Spanish, or memorizing vocabulary in Spanish. Unlike other classes, Senora Whaley made class more engaging. Getting to have snack teams every Wednesday and getting to share a meal with your classmates was a great way to get closer to everyone.

It was really a huge benefit. Spanish was one of the few “ B” s I would see on my progress reports and report cards, but I always knew why I received it. Like all language learning experiences, after you’ve attained a decent amount of vocabulary you’ll become conscious of the familiar words you hear or see wherever you go. On the menu in restaurants, there would always be recipes in English and then in Spanish. Just to test myself, I would attempt to read the Spanish and see how many words I didn’t learn yet.

It’s a rewarding experience to be able to see your own growth in a subject after a period of time, and I think language classes is one of the easiest classes to gain this experience. It’s something where you either know it or don’t know it, and it’s easy for me to see whether my Spanish improved or stayed the same. Despite all the negative views I had about Spanish, whether it was I didn’t like speaking it, or I didn’t have any interest in it, I was able to pull through and still enjoy my Spanish class experience. My views about Spanish really changed.

It wasn’t bad at all and the experience was fun and also challenging. Having a motivating teacher, friends, and a fun learning environment, I was able to make Spanish my second best language after English. Learning a language isn’t just a one-time thing and it will be over. It’s a long and continuous process that begins with learning to pronounce simple words like learning your first language when you were an infant. I’ve realized that no matter how long you’ve taken a language course, you won’t remember any of it unless you constantly use what you’ve learned and practice it.

I feel that even if I won’t be able to have Spanish class with Senora Whaley as my teacher anymore after this term, I’ll have to find another source of motivation. Even so, I’d like to continue to keep my knowledge of Spanish and live on with it through college and possibly a career. Being able to speak a different language is not a given and to be sure that I reach my goals, I need to keep what I’ve learned and use it for the rest of my life.

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