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Southern society

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Southern Society Module Minorities in the culture were African Americans. The population of African Americans was about 760, 000, which represented 19 percent of the total population. This made them a minority in a society which was dominated by Whites. From the early 17th to the late 19th centuries, when slavery was predominant in the Southern United States, African Americans lived under bondage. They had little to no liberties and freedoms and were treated like personal properties of their masters1. African Americans were not allowed to express themselves, share facilities with their masters, vote, or participate in social activities like public events. In addition, they were not allowed to attend school, and those who had access to educational facilities were segregated so that they could not share the same facilities with Whites2. Although there were some free slaves who enjoyed more privileges compared to their completely enslaved counterparts, they were also limited to the fringes of the society. In other words, they were basically regarded as slightly privileged slaves.
At the height of slavery, African Americans were considered inferior members of the society who, despite having been denied the most fundamental of rights and liberties, were also denied recognition for any notable achievements3. For example, in spite of the fact that many African American soldiers fought in the American Civil War and made vital contributions to the Southern cause, most of their achievements were concealed from mainstream knowledge until such a time that they could be revealed without much publicity4. Finally, African Americans also suffered brutality and mistreatment at the hands of their masters.
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