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Consumerism and Promotional Ads Companies or firms would want to have more. Firms, especially those that are in line with promoting products and services would want their consumers to acquire more. As much as possible, through their ads and various promotional activities, their target consumers should acquire goods or services in ever-greater amounts. This is the world of consumerism.
Consumerism is considered an ideology, aside from being a form of either a social or economic order. In the context of promotional activities, firms that are producing either product or service offering are trying to understand the concept of consumer behaviour, so that in that way, they may be able to promote products or services that are in line with the prevailing needs in the market. In the first place, it would be at their disadvantage if their produced products or services cannot hold a substantial market share. On the other hand, it would be more meaningful to take into account the underlying moves of the firms so as to entice consumer participation with their product or service offerings. Let us take the ads of Mac with great deal of its messages of comparison to other typical Personal Computers around.
As shown in its array of ad campaigns, Apple Incorporated together with its product offering, Mac, showcased the essential features, advantages and benefits of its offerings while straightforwardly comparing them to its prevailing competition with the typical personal computers.
The ads of Apple produce vital messages that could trigger specific response from the consumers. If this could effectively take place, Apple will be expecting to have greater amounts for the acquisition of its goods in the market. What Apple simply is trying to do in here is educate the market, keep them inform about the capacity of its offerings, and the potential advantages or benefits that these could bring to their consumers. In other words, the promotional ad in the case of Apple Inc. is just a fundamental illustration of how firms would strongly establish or communicate messages that could trigger potential response from the consumers.
However, on the other side, Apple is also good at creating needs for its product offerings, which can be essentially depicted in its ads that are primarily encouraging the acquisition of its products being offered to the target market.
Thus, Apple is primarily trying to establish two essential things to increase its sales. First, it seeks to significantly inform its target customers about the features, advantages and benefits of its product offerings. After this, it also establishes the point of creating a need for its product offerings.
In reality, Apple tries to encourage customer participation for the sustainability of its business operation. Here where the idea of consumerism sets in. This ideology, based on the prevailing promotional campaigns of Apple, is seeking to increase participation of the customers to the process of acquiring or consumption of the product offerings. As a business entity, Apple would want to be stable, sustainable and even a cut above the other in its industry. Encouraging customers to patronize its offerings is a key idea to the fulfilment of this corporate goal. However, the bottom line of this is to allow customers or the target market to acquire more of Apple’s offerings. Thus, informing the customers as a primary or pivotal move of Apple is just the first step. Creating needs is just another elemental part of the story.
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