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Socio-technical systems

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Inserts His/her Inserts Inserts Grade Inserts Here (Day, Month, Year) Socio-Technical Systems: A socio-Technical system is basically a compilation of social and technical units. It is a head under which a variety of workforce performs its functions as social units such as groups or teams. And these units use technical equipment such as machine and other capital tools in order to fulfill their task. It is an assortment of populace, processes, agendas and final products that work in an interrelated way in order to achieve an objective. It contains technical computer based programs and skilled labor that are directed towards the achievement of a goal. The most significant characteristic of a Socio-Technical is that “ it values both effectiveness and humankind”. Such a system is important because it works in a way that can eliminate the unethical aspects of technology. It works to attain technological brilliance and an enhanced and quality work from labor force. It scrutinizes different projects thoroughly before working on them in order to cut down their negative and unscrupulous traits. Such a system works according to the modern world by taking advantage technology but on the other hand these systems also consider individual welfare. By compiling human force and technology such system builds up a ground which can develop and prosper easily if it uses its human and technological resources efficiently. Joint collaboration, communication and cooperation are major goals of a socio-technical system. Some common examples of socio-technical systems are a factory and a hospital where a variety of employees work together under different groups and teams and use technical equipment such as spinning machines or X-Ray machines etc to perform their tasks. Collaboration and agreement between the members of these groups and teams are necessary for fluid operating system. A press for publishing books is also an example of a social-technical system where machines are used to publish books and these machines are operated by various groups of workforce. References “ Socio-technicalsystem”, Principia Cybernetica Web, Principia Cybernetica Online, Web, 2011, http://pespmc1. vub. ac. be/ASC/Socio-_Syste. html Radziwill, N. What is a socio-technical system, 2008, Web, 2011 http://qualityandinnovation. com/what-is-a-socio-technical-system/

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