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Smite vgs call-out menu

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Attack LEFT LaneVA1Attack MIDDLE LaneVA2 ONSMITE VGS CALL-OUT MENU SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowAttack RIGHT LaneVA3Defend LEFT LaneVD1Defend MIDDLE LaneVD2Defend RIGHT LaneVD3Gank LEFT LaneVG1Gank MIDDLE LaneVG2Gank RIGHT LaneVG3Enemy Missing LEFTVF1Enemy Missing MIDDLEVF2Enemy Missing RIGHTVF3Retreat LEFT LaneVR1Retreat MIDDLE LaneVR2Retreat RIGHT LaneVR3Enemies have returned LEFTVT1Enemies have returned MIDDLEVT2Enemies have returned RIGHTVT3Enemies Incoming LEFTVI1Enemies Incoming MIDDLEVI2Enemies Incoming RIGHTVI3Help LEFT LaneVH1Help MIDDLE LaneVH2Help RIGHT LaneVH3Be Right BackVVBAway From KeyboardVVKThanksVVTOKVVAYes! VVYNo! VVNAttack! VAAAttack Fire GiantVAFAttack MinitorVAMAttack Gold FuryVAGDefend! VDDDefend the MinotarVDMGank! VGGEnemy MissingVFFRetreat! VRREnemies have returnedVTTEnemies IncomingVIIHelp! VHHBe carefulVCCBe Careful LEFTVC1Be Careful MIDDLEVC2Be Careful RIGHTVC3Cancel that! VVXSorry! VVSWait! VVWBye. VVGBGood Game. VVGGGood Luck. VVGLQuietVVGQHi. VVGHOut of ManaVVMNice Job. VVGNOops. VVGOThat’s too bad. VVGTYour Welcome. VVGWCurses. VVGSBehind Us. VVVBFollow Me. VVVFStay hereVVVSIts a trap! VVVTGroup up. VVVGOn my wayVVVEUltimate ReadyVVVRUltimate DownVVVDGoing into the JungleVVVJEnemies Have Returned to BaseVBBDefend Fire Giant! VDFDefend Gold Fury! VDG*Awesome!*VEAI’ve returnedVSTTI’ll Defend LeftVSD1I’ll Defend MiddleVSD2I’ll Defend RightVSD3

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