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Small companies in morocco

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This research paper discusses small businesses in Morocco and the difficulties that entrepreneurs face when they are in the start up phase of their enteprises. In fact, this paper is divided into three distinct parts. The first part describes some definitions given by different scholars regarding small businesses in general, and their importance in general as well as for the Moroccan economy as a whole.

Then, major advantages and disadvantages of small businesses were identified in general. The team then decided to go into further details in the second part of this research paper, as we provided major statistics regarding small businesses in Morocco, their repartition in the country, by region as well as by industry, and we also talked about the requirements to start a small business in Morocco from a legal perspective.

The opportunities offered by the government and the institutional environment were also discussed in this paper. Moreover, we thouroughly described and analyzed the major contraints that small businesses deal with in Morocco, and we distinguished different types of problems; preliminary, financial, admnistrative, judiciary, and intrinsic factors. We also evaluated two categories of small businesses; the bourgeoisie and proletarian companies, and the structured and unstructured firms in Morocco.

In addition, we raised the issue of franchises and whether we could consider them as opportunities or threats towards small businesses in Morocco. The third and last part of our research paper was dedicated to five case studies. In fact, every team member conducted an interview with an entrepreneur from a different industry and we analyzed the cases and tried to give out some recommendations. This research paper ends with some key findings as an overall summary to all the case studies and information that were raised.

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