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Small business

Small Business Affiliation: Determine how the federal government encourages small businesses
The US General Service Administration (GSA) is the one that deals with the needs and requirements of small businesses and ensures it encourages them. It does this through the use of several strategies including training of issues like partnerships, setting goals for the business and even how to win contracts, allowing small businesses to sell to them their products, counseling on issues like marketing strategies, seeking procurement opportunities, dispute resolution and even how to effectively deal with other challenges endured by the businesses, set-aside opportunities to take care of the small businesses by women and people with disabilities who cannot compete with the rest, researching on their behalf and then providing the findings that enable them know the opportunities present in the federal government that they can benefit from, teaching them sustainability techniques, acquisition processes and even opportunities for contracts.
How passing of “ The Historical Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Act, 15 U. S. C. 631 of 1997, increases the chances of landing a government contract.
The HUBZone is a program by the federal government that provides contracting assistance from the federal government to small businesses that are located in the historically underutilized business zones. Before 1997 when the HUBZone was not passed, small businesses were not given contracts to perform their businesses in these historically underutilized business zones hence there was no stimulation of capital in these areas. Following an increase in employment needs, the federal government considered contracting the businesses into these areas.
In order to land this federal government contract however, there are several qualifications that need to be complied with which include; the business has to be small, the ownership must be 51% from a US citizen (since these are security sensitive areas), the main office which they refer to as the “ principal office” must be located within the HUBZone ensuring all main activities take place in that area, the employees must be residing in any HUBZone area (at least 35% of them) and finally, the US Small Business Administration has to have certified the business first before the contract is granted. If these conditions are fulfilled, then a contract will be awarded (Dilger, 2011).
Determine how Smart Pay and similar programs in electronic contracting will assist the small-business owner in obtaining more contracts.
Smart Pay is a billing system that is online. This system allows for businesses people to send their invoices and other accounting documents, payments and conduct other services electronically without the physical appearance of the business person to conduct all those activities. This online billing services that takes place by the use of an electronic card is present even in the GSA which is a federal administration dealing with small businesses. Smart pay and other electronic billings systems provide financial details of the business hence its performance is clear.
Most contracts including even that granted for HUBZone requires a statement of a business account transactions, its profits and invoices among other accounting documents before a contract is considered and granted. A small business that uses smart pay for its accounting transactions will just send the records immediately and they show the viability of that business’ for a contract.
Dilger, R. J. (2011). Small Business Administration (SBA): HUBZone Program. New York: DIANE Publishing.

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