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Sigmund freud theory

I have learned that many advertisements sexualizes the young generation in order to be profitable. As a father of a little girl, I am greatly affected and concerned that people in the advertising company abuses their innocence and their being gullible for their own interest without thinking of the possible repercussions that will happen.

As Sigmund Freud theory goes, adolescence are in the stage where they have to build their own identity, or they will end up having role confusion. This age group are seen as naive and vulnerable. They are easily influenced and persuaded with what they see and hear. Whensocial Media, TV advertisements, magazines used images that exemplify the perfect women and associates them with sexual notions, they are easily drawn to this notion in order to identify themselves and feel that they belong. And when they do not feel that way it results to some psychological effects likeeating disorders, depression, self mutilation or evensuicide.

I also have learned that promotingviolencein pictures and making them look presentable is never acceptable. Individuals should be treated equally with dignity andrespect. When we become accustomed to these images of maltreatment and deliberately harming human beings we normalized these acts. We automatically associate these events as something natural and typical that happens in society and in our day to day life.

Like for example, the image of where a woman was covered with bruised like marks but was choreographed to appear sexy and provocative or for instance the picture of a woman who had her back against the wall and a leg that appeared to be kicking her but was staged to make it alluring. Enticing images of causing harm in any form coverts society from what is right and wrong. Last but not the least, I have learned to treat each woman equally regardless of her status in life but respect her individually for the choices she makes. Each woman should not be associated with one perfect image. She has her own identity, personality, aspirations and uniqueness.

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