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Show 'n multimedia project presentation

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MULTIMEDIA PROJECT PRESENTATION MULTIMEDIA PROJECT PRESENTATION Teacher Teacher Grade: 4 Mathematics Topic: The use of block model approach with the aid of PowerPoint presentation
26/10/2012 for 45 minutes
The lesson applies to the National Education Technology standards. The lesson aids the student to make a connection between curriculum and technology. The student will learn both the social, ethical, and human issues related to Mathematics. The students will also use technology research tools in doing their assignments. This topic is essential for grade four students as a preliminary and basic mathematical knowledge. It is expected from grade four students to equip themselves with adequate knowledge of block operations in the .
The use of mathematics is a significant discipline in every student’s life. We apply Mathematical skills in our daily life. We also need to learn the concepts of Mathematics at earlier stages in order to conceptualize the Mathematics knowledge from an earlier stage of learning.
To solve problems involving addition in similar situations(learn to be generous)
To apply mathematical operations in real life situation
To learn simple additions, subtractions, division, and multiplication
To practice the application of Mathematical operations in groups
To see the need of mathematics in our daily life
To assess and examine students on the mathematical operations
Review what was learned in the previous lesson
Introduce today’s lesson activities and lesson plan
Introduce the topic and give a brief summary of the block operations
Distribute test papers among the students to see the use of Mathematical operations
Tackle one operation after the other
Engage students in practicing the operations by asking direct questions
Ask the students if they understand what we are doing in class and let them ask questions
Give them group assignment to tackle in class and refer to the books and even ask where they have difficulty
Let the students exchange their work and compare what they have learned and done among themselves
Give individual assignments now and let the students do in class and mark without comparing with each other
Carry out the Smart Notebook activities with the students. These activities will include: installing the smart notebook software and showing the students how to do the same, use the software to show the students how to solve mathematical problems involving Mathematical operations using the Math tools in the smart notebook such as protractor, dividers, rulers, compass, and squares. Show the students step by stem method of using smart notebook and let them repeat the exercise several times until they master the concept and understand how to apply smart notebook software with Math tools to handle Math problems. The students can then be divided into groups to learn the same smart notebook activities for practice.
Give a take home assignment to the students covering all operations discussed in class
Summarize the lesson by recapturing what have been learned in class
The use of PowerPoint presentation is applicable in aiding visual understanding. For students with different special needs, the use of DI strategies such as balancing individual work and teamwork. Giving formative assignments to differentiate them, conduct mini-lessons within the lesson, differentiate them through the groups, give them a chance to speak and choose groups in class, and reflect on the setting of the lesson goals in order to make them master the content of the lesson. In addition, I will use UDL Principles in order to ascertain their mastery of the topic.
Examination papers
Test assignments from text books
Class suggestions
Pamphlets examples
Sample block arrangements of the topic
Pencils and pens
Smart Notebook

Mathematics journals
Internet notes and examples
Online books
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