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Short essay on school

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What about school? School is just the same old thing everyday. All you do is follow a schedule. You learn things that you already know just in a different way.

Don’t you wish that you could tell the teacher what to teach you, if you could teach teachers. If we could teach teachers than they will no about the drama in a teens life, even if they experienced it in there life. Would school be more fun if we still had nap time? If we still had nap time then some people wouldn’t have to go to sleep while teachers were in the middle of teaching. If nap time went pass kindergarten then some people will come to school more often. Why don’t most teens come to school? The reason why most teens don’t come to school is because they feel like sleeping in, or there parents don’t make them come to school.

Most students tell there teachers lies why they weren’t in school, and that is because they had an appointment. Why is school so long? School, well school is eight hours long. School could be six hours long because then students would have more time to do more things. Students could spend more time with their family friends or do what they like to do. People would go to school if the school day was shorter.

Many children and teens complain that the school day is to long and others agree. Why do teachers yell at you when you talk to your friends? When teachers let you talk to your friends and then they yell at you, that’s because they don’t have anyone talking to them. Teachers get jealous because none of the students want to talk to them so they have to do something. Why do teachers miss more days than us students? Well teachers are allowed to have a c couple of days off, then they have sick days then they have all the same days that we have off, except the staff development days those are for them to work. So that’s why School is not interesting. School can be fun some of the time and the rest is okay but not horrible.

Go out and try school if you’re not in school now.

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