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“ Frank places his blame on the economists for the inflation and argues that the economists have left their work for the philosophers to come up with the solution of income inequality” (Page 2, paragraph 1). The analysis of Frank’s views helped me develop my conclusion. My conclusion sums up the agreement of the three articles that the American tax systems, as well as inequality, are the main obstacles to the achievement of the American dream.
Enthymeme helped me focus and structure my burden of proof in the concluding paragraph in several ways. Since I did not present evidence of how the American dream has been achieved, I had an obligation of highlighting specific factors that have hindered its achievement. For this reason, I selected articles that discuss the specific reasons for why the American dream is an illusion. In the third paragraph on page one, I highlighted Brandon King’s views in an effort to prove that the American dream is dead. Specifically, I highlighted the following concerning King’s views, “ Another problem that many Americans are struggling with is the issue of inequality, whereby King argues that most of the American wealth is concentrated amongst the rich minority. He thinks the American dream is based on people’s individual perception because success is determined by imaginations people have about it” (Page 1, paragraph 3). By highlighting King’s argument, I demonstrated how inequality has hindered the achievement of the American dream, a factor that is evident in my conclusion.

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