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Self-assessment and reflection assignment

I agree with this except for the poor listener, I find that I am a very good listener as long as it is something that interests me or the person can keep me interested. Through this it became very apparent to me of why I thrived In certain classes and activities and struggled in others. According to Gage (1995), “ Award winning research has documented repeatedly that, when students are taught with approaches that match their strengths, they demonstrate statistically higher achievement. ” As a high school student, I enjoyed math and science classes and performed very well.

Most likely because they were a more active learning environment, I did not have to listen to a lecture for 45 minutes with no Interaction or questions to answer. I would find myself day dreaming five minutes into the class. My other classes, I did not so much fail, but I was not the top lesson was boring, but I see it was not the information in the lessons that was boring me it was how they were teaching the lessons to me. Beginning my Master’s program for elementary education, I find that because of my tactile learning style I am performing poorly in some aspects of my classes.

I excel in the team project assignments, but concerning writing academic papers I am lost. I understand the assignment, but have problems beginning the process or exactly what are the instructor’s expectations. I tend to put those assignments on the back burner instead of asking questions or for examples. Examples work excellent because I have something physical that I can compare to the instructions of the assignment and my finished product. To assist myself I am using the tools available to me through the University of Phoenix and will ask questions or for an example room the instructor.

My personal strengths are more understandable to me since I know my learning style. I am a multi-taster, I am happier when I have many things going on at the same time or have close final dates. Second, I love projects and Jump right into planning mode and delegating tasks. I thrive in putting the visual aspect of the project together in a Powering presentation, videos, role playing, or maps. I see this not only in my classes but also in my daily life. This may answer why I did so well and enjoyed my bachelor’s degree study.

Many people call it the “ you don’t know how to say NO,” syndrome, I call it fun. Third, my outgoing personality, which helps me step right up to the plate and take on tasks, delegate tasks, and get stuff done. With these strengths does not mean I do not sometimes drop the ball in other areas. Where there are strengths in a person there are weaknesses they have to overcome. I may thrive in a tactile environment, but my auditory and visual learning fall. I have noticed in Just my daily life I struggle to follow a new direction that is told to me or written down.

When this happens I tend to shutdown, not ask questions and I make mistakes. Another weakness ties into one of my strengths, my outgoing personality often threatens the quiet, reserved individuals. By doing this their point or opinion does not coming across as strong as it was intended too. Lastly, multi-tasking is great, but you also need to learn to say no. I struggle with this word, unless you are my child. I feel that I will let someone down or something will not get done if I do not take it on.

Weaknesses are not a bad thing and as long as you can acknowledge you eave weaknesses that is the beginning to improving them. I am aware that to thrive in my daily life and my classes I need to have strategies for improving on my weaknesses. Time management is a key factor in my life. I have a busy schedule with volunteer groups, two small children, and school. I have a schedule that we all follow and I have been able to implement it into my school schedule as well. I tackle my toughest tasks first and use my easier tasks for when I need breaks.

Along with time management and keeping on schedule, I do know how important it is to leave mom for flexibility. You never know when an emergency is going to come up, a date changes, someone does not pull their weight on a project, a kid gets sick, life happens and you need to be able to roll with the punches. My final strategy, use the resources available to me. I have made a ton of acquaintances and friends that could help me out when needed, everyone has a hidden talent. I have a pool of babysitters for those uh Oh moments. For school the University has an amazing need to use them.

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