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Seize the power of voice

The nature of a human being is feeling the freedom in their life. It is considered as one of those that humans need, with his continuous search for freedom. A long time ago, the women did not have freedom in the United States. They were not entitled to freedom of speech and their opinions were useless. Women were not allowed to vote, study, work, nor write. At that time, motherhood and being a wife were regarded as women’s most significant professions. Nowadays, they are given the same rights as men. This was something that women have continuously fought for through the years.

In the end, the women were able to achieve what they have been fighting for, and were given the same rights as the men. In order to speak freely, one should have the power of voice and learn to fight for it. One day, my sister thought of continuing her education after her high school graduation. She went to a college to try her luck, apply and register for the classes. She followed all the rules expected of her, and finished all of the required documents. Unfortunately, she was unaware that she had to bring a man from her relatives to the enrollment, who would sign the approval for her graduation.

My sister was left in shock upon hearing what the school official had said. She explained that she came alone, and that she can sign whatever it is that needs to be signed. The official said, ” you are not the first woman; this issue is from years age and no bode talk about it”. My sister had no choice but to go back home. Soon after, she started to think about the differences between the men and the women in general. She was thinking about the simple things that would matter. For instance, she needed a male to drive her around. And now, she needs a man to sign her approval forms in order to enroll for college.

This left questions in her mind, for a year ago, her brother registered to his college on his own. In the end, she was weary because no one seemed to listen to her. She thought of writing to the public about this issue, by publishing her work in the newspaper. She wanted people to be aware of this sensitive subject. She incorporated her stories and those of her friends by writing a newspaper article. She wrote about the potentials of women, and that women can do anything without seeking for the approval of the men, even when entering college. When the article was published, it became a big issue.

This was due to the fact that it was the first article written by women that focused on womens rights. The article also voiced out the cry of women to be more independent and be given the chance to speak for themselves. This includes being able to speak, write, and do simple things everyday, without the hassle of being discreminated. Power of voice is the freedom of speaking and the ability to work, vote, write and talk. Education is one of the most important factors in helping a persons’ voice. In some societies, one must not only be educated, but should also be evaluated for speaking and writing.

These are some of their bases in obtaining the power of voice. For other societies, education is not necessary. You still have the freedom to speak if you are a man, regardless of whether you are educated or not. Unfortunately, if you are a woman, you do not have the right to express yourself, whether you were educated or not. It was their custom that the men were above anyone else, including the women. It is hard to speak and express what you feel if there is someone controlling your voice. You have to fight for your voice, when you do not have the power, but you put yourself at risk.

As hooks says ” it is an act of risk and daring”(13). Some people do not have voice, but they will try to look for it. They will seize their power of voice by writing to the public and letting others know that they need voice as a part of the society that they are in. The people who fight for their voice will talk and speak not less than the people nowadays. You can not get your right without your own voice, or even those of others. Unfortunately, some people right now do not know what the value and power of their voice is because they grew up with it.

Little do they know that years ago, people were fighting for their voice. People cannot get their rights without their voices. Some people do not know how important it is to speak for your self and have a voice in society. Speaking freely is like an individual’s own identity. By having voice, one can prove himself to others, and to the society as well. This makes each one of us different from one another. Many cultures wish to have a voice of their own, but they can not do so due to many reasons. For example, in some cultures there is racism between different classes.

People in upper classes can speak freely. On the other hand, people from the lower classes have a lot of restrictions, including speech. Sometimes it is hard to fight for voice especially if it is controlled by a government. But if the people resist them, the government will loose their control of voice. If you do not get it, somebody else will follow your way. This will then be easier for coming generations to have their voice. For example, the African-Americans got their voice by fighting for some generations.

They struggled for a long time, and were discriminated in society. Another instance was that of my sister’s. She asked the help of her friends because she was upset with the kind of treatment she received in the college she applied from. Through her efforts and determination, women nowadays are able to register to their classes without the hassle of tagging a man along. In conclusion, freedom of speech does not depend or Racism or Sexism. Freedom is for everyone and can be done everywhere. The speaker should not have a hard time searching

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