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School days, robert colescott

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Full School Days Colescott’s School Days is a painting that depicts the diversity lives. It presents the picture in an unusual way of drawing its characters in a manner that show comical and cartoonish images. The body parts of some of the images are not proportional like the very prominent picture of a woman at the center who has an eminently large head and the man in front of him who has a large trunk in comparison to his legs. The man’s head is also large that he seemed to have no neck with its size. In addition to the variation of size portrayed in the painting, it is also presented in an almost three dimensional manner which gives a picture that the viewer is able to see what is farther away from him even though all the images are placed on the same plane. This effect created in the picture is achieved by the painter’s use of fancy of size, making the smaller images appear to be farther away from the viewer and the larger figures nearer. The overlap of images also gives the picture the quality wherein one image is shown to be nearer than the other. This is exemplified by the three images on the left side of the painting where the first woman is shown to be nearer to the viewer than the man behind him by the overlap of her body parts to that of the man. The painter played well with the colors with a large use of the basic colors like red, yellow and blue. There is also a wide use of secondary colors like orange, violet and green.

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