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Why did you choose nursing as a profession? Nursing can be defined as the ability of a person to prevent injuries and illness. Nursing also includes mitigation of the suffering through the treatment and diagnosis of the human responses in the care of the individuals, family, population and communities. Nursing is a noble career option to choose. It is a career that allows a person to help people and save the lives of the people. Nursing also provides an opportunity to provide comfort to the people who need it the most. The nursing career is quite gratifying as well as rewarding. A nurse provides the opportunity to help others and bring differences in their lives. Nurses often work with patients on one-on-one basis and assist the patients in recovery and rehabilitation. Nursing also provides growth opportunities. With the rise in population, a lot more nurses are needed in USA and hence nursing provides opportunity for high level of growth. The baby boomer generation of USA is also getting old and hence the demand of our knowledge, values and idealism is likely to increase.
Nursing is also an exciting and fast paced career. The nurses usually do not go through repetitive jobs and the job offers something new each and every day. Nursing career also offer flexible schedules. If someone wants to work from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M then nursing provides that opportunity too. If someone wants to work on rotational shifts or part time contract basis, there is room for that too.
What is your nursing philosophy?
Knowledge is the core reason for the success in career. As a nurse one must know that diseases and symptoms of the diseases. One must be able apply the classroom knowledge along with the skills in the workplace to become a successful nurse. Another most important factor is the personal value and the belief to be a caring and compassionate person. This is something that is usually installed in a person from the family upbringing. A nurse is not only providing care to the health of the patient but also serves the emotional needs. Apart from this there are also ethical and human rights issues. Showing respect to the patients and the profession as well carrying out all the tasks with full dedication and honesty is extremely important for a nurse (Daly 10).
How would this scholarship benefit you?
This scholarship would make the students eligible to receive funding for the tuition fees along with other educational costs. The scholarship is a selective program that would help the students to get rid of the financial burden. In this way the students would also be able stay a lot more on the career objectives. Here it needs to be mentioned that for a minimum two years of service commitment at any health service facility, the nursing program pays tuition fees, eligible fees long with other reasonable costs such as clinical supplies, books instruments and uniform along with monthly stipend.

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