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Schindler's list

A directional master piece of Steven Spielberg “ Schindler’s list” is a master piece in its own. The genre of the movie is history, humanity, bibliography and drama. All these elements have been brought together into a movie that became an all times classical. The film also presents an account of the overall actual situation and atrocities that took place in the Second World War against the Jewish community. The movie is an account of true life events from the era of Second World War and the holocaust phenomena.
The movie follows the life and events of Oskar Schindler who gets embedded in the affairs that take place around him which in turn bring out the human element and forces him to use his resources for the purpose of protecting the humanity. Although the earlier motives are based upon investment and business extraction. The movie follows the life process and activities in Poland that served as the centre of activities and atrocities of the German army that were directed towards the annihilation of the Jews (Berardinelli).
The idea comes about in form of establishment of an industry that would serve as a safe house for the Jews and also provide them source of earning in these hard times. He keeps his motives and the overall purpose and objective of the camp a secret from the German forces who would not tolerate such a camp motivated by protecting the people. By end of the war Oskar Schindler managed rescuing a total of around 1200 Jews.
Berardinelli, James. Schindlers List. 6 Oct 2012. 10 Dec 2013 .

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