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Santiago bernabeu essay

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Real Madrid is the most successful soccer club in the world. The Spanish team was nine times champion of Europe’s most important tournament, the UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid is also one of the richest sport clubs in the world. This team is known for signing the best players of the world. This Spanish club is also known for having the most luxurious and modern stadium in the world. Over time, this stadium has become a historical monument of the city of Madrid.

Since the Bernabeu’s construction, a rumor has spread that this stadium comes alive when Real Madrid plays. The Santiago Bernabeu stadium is Real Madrid’s most important trophy. Santiago Bernabeu, who started playing for Real Madrid at a young age, later became president of Real Madrid. He was known for being a charismatic and caring person. Bernabeu wanted to build the best soccer stadium of all times. In 1944, his dream started to shape up; the construction of Real Madrid’s stadium began. Santiago Bernabeu named the stadium after his name.

After its foundation, almost every team in Europe wanted to play Real Madrid only to visit the Bernabeu. Through years, the Bernabeu has gained so much popularity that has been chosen as a historical monument in Madrid, Spain. The Santiago Bernabeu perfectly fits Real Madrid’s image, displaying its wealth and power. The Bernabeu stadium is well known for intimidating the players who play against Real Madrid. Real Madrid wins 9 out of 10 matches that are played at the Bernabeu. This stadium can comfortably hold 90 thousand people.

Teams that have played at the Bernabeu have declared that the Bernabeu has some kind of energy that affects the rival team’s performance in a negative way. President Bernabeu created a sort of talisman for Real Madrid. Today, the Bernabeu is more than a stadium; it has become the home of every Real Madrid fan. People who visited the Bernabeu compared it with the Coliseum for being a big and intimidating structure. Real Madrid has been known for having the best facilities in the world, but the Bernabeu is beyond all of them.

Each year, this stadium is modified and refurbished to serve people’s commodities. It is true that for several years the Bernabeu has been abandoned because of an economical crisis in the mid 70s, but later on, after collecting money from fundraisers, Santiago Bernabeu has shaped the stadium even better. The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is located in one of Madrid’s most privileged locations; there is no stadium in the world that is best located than the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid has invested around one billion euros in the past 5 years only to maintain it clean and keep the grass humidified.

But, it has worth investing that kind of money in the Bernabeu. The stadium, like the club itself, is continually expanding. Every team in Europe respects this stadium, they all fear to play in this stadium because they know that there is no way out at the Bernabeu. When Real Madrid players come out of the tunnel, especially when the stadium is full; it’s not only intimidating, but also scary. The Bernabeu is also well known for being host of the best European matches that have been ever played in the history of the UEFA Champions League.

Santiago Bernabeu had an insane passion for his team and club. For the Real Madrid fans, Santiago is everything; he was a player, coach, manager and then president. He created everything that the fans are proud of over several decades; Real Madrid owes him everything they are today. Santiago Bernabeu is the spiritual father of Real Madrid. He is the only president to ever create Spain’s only aristocrat club. Elegant and full of vitality, he governed Real Madrid for many decades. The Santiago Bernabeu located in the heart of Madrid, is continually growing and making history.

Real Madrid has been definitely the team of the Spanish people; Real Madrid is known for having won many cups and titles, but people cannot forget that the Santiago Bernabeu stadium has been the major attraction from this team in the past century. Its is true that Real Madrid is the team of all the Spaniards because the majority of Spaniards support Real Madrid, not only because it’s the team with the most wins, but because they can familiarize with the Santiago Bernabeu. Hala Madrid!

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