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Sample research paper on the apple innovation

Creativity and innovation have been regarded over time as the lifeblood of organizational success. It took decades for great inventions to come up in the past unlike in today’s times whereby it only takes a few years. It is only those organizations that embrace innovation principles in their management that will be able to achieve sustainable advantage in competition. The known great management thinker, Peter Drucker stressed over the years that organizations that will survive in the competitive market are only those that will innovate unlike for those that do not practice innovation who will not survive. It is therefore important to know that embracing principles of innovation management is important in business (Wonglimpiyarat, 2012). This research paper aims at evaluating the innovations the apple innovation organization applies in their management process.
The innovations this organization of apple innovation puts into its products and services are of visionary and practical natures. A known innovation used by the company in its services and products the practice of uniqueness. The apple Innovation Company uses unique strategies to improve their innovations and develop more innovational activities. The products and services of the Apple Company are always special of high quality and they have never been at a position to be compared with other products. The same applies in their services. It is evident that the products and services are always expensive as compared to other competitors but the consumers still yearn for such. The unique innovation of the Apple Company makes it better and able to stand on its own as different from other companies and this is evident in the products and services (Breen, 2014).
Innovations applied in the Apple Company are realism. The company is realistic enough and focuses on where innovation can take them. The products are as well realistic in nature and their functions and all the details of how it will serve the client are realistic. Services and products create realism in the satisfaction of the clients’ needs with a focus on increasing further improvements on the services and products (Elmer-DeWitt, 2013). The innovations are usually linked with the strategies and upcoming trends like the presentation of products. There are always differences in the products as time passes by and their innovations meet the clients’ expectations.
The Apple Inc Process delivers consumers with a succession of presents. Apple designers come up with an entire ten different mock ups in every feature that is launched. Three to one is a fairly standard practice that is considered to be practiced in every organization. In cases of their development, the Apple innovators normally give themselves room of designing their products without restriction regarding innovation and vision. Paired design meetings are conducted every week and the teams often have two meetings. One meeting is usually for brainstorm and forgets about the constraints of the week. The production meeting then follows and acts as the antithesis of the other first meeting. The process of the organizational meetings continues throughout provided there is development of new apps (Wonglimpiyarat, 2012). The balance then shifts as the app progresses. There then comes a pony meeting whereby the process of a senior manager in outlining what is wanted in the new application is discussed. The production is normally meant to reflect the spirit of the company. Best ideas from the paired designs are then presented to the leadership and the decision is made. In this way the process of ponies morph into products that are deliverable. Thorough investigations help to ensure that there lacks nasty mistakes in the production.
Forces that drive need for change in the Apple Company are commoditization, digital revolution, social medicalization, globalization, turbulent world and acceleration. Commoditization ensures that products are distributed either through retail or wholesale or even by use of middle men. Key competitive dynamics ensures that the products and services can come in form of commodities thus changes are made for the commodities. The digital revolution is a migratory activity that requires ongoing changes depending with the technological advancements. Technology improves day and becomes even more complicated thus the changes must be put in place regarding the entire operations and productions (Elmer-DeWitt, 2013). Social mediaization is socializing in life within the society. Information is passed from one individual to the making the company become aware of the changes needed and developmental issues that take place. With the social sphere what should be done gets to the company on time through complains, appreciation and requests. For globalization, every company tends to address the globalized market thus changes become inevitable. Activities in the world making it turbulent ensure changes. No situation is permanent including insecurity, economic stability or even availability of employees. The Apple Innovation Company too does experience shortages in profit making and availability of employees thus must involve changes in its operation.
In conclusion, the Apple Innovation Organization promotes innovation in its workforce through application of diversity at work, supporting shortages like those of skills and recruitment, employee satisfaction and retention and provision of better services day in day out. Diversity practices broaden community engagement in Apple Company and the ideas from the community are used for innovative purposes (Wonglimpiyarat, 2012). Recruitment challenges and those of skills give more ideas on how to improve the recruitment services and have better skills thus making innovation at peak. Employee retention and satisfaction increases the employees’ interest in the company and the positively help in issues of innovation for the betterment of the company. Finally, better client service engages and represents people within the company. The clients are an important factor when it comes to innovation and they give ideas to the company so that it may compete favorably with others.


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