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Safety in the fire service

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Fire accidents had caused many deaths and casualties among people and this do not choose to who will attack this life threatening catastrophe. It can turn a 1 million dollars worth property into an ash. From the name itself, fire accident can occur in almost every place whether it is in the school, office, market, or in a car, or ship. And what is more drastic is the possibility of more casualties that can affect more people. Some of the results of fire accidents include deaths, burn injury, casualties and destruction of ownership and properties.

Though fire accidents can be associated to carelessness, still it can be prevented. That is why there are many studies that have been conducted to minimize the drastic effect of such fire problems. The main concern of these studies is the safety of the people as well their belongings. Also, part of the goal of firesciencemanagement is the protection of theenvironment(Barbour, 2007). Fire science management was created to lessen fire accidents and also to create a well management decisions among the members of the fire service industry.

Despite of the creation of fire science management programs, there are still many fire incidences (Bird, 2007). This paper will try to examine key notes or fire management problems that causes fire accidents and try to relate them to fire science management. After connecting the two situations, a solution or solutions must come up so that it helps in the minimization of the said accidents. One of the main reasons why fire management problems occur is the miscommunication between the firefighters. Communicationis very important especially when in times of fire catastrophe.

This is because every decisions and moves are being transmitted through communication. It is very crucial when one firefighter dose not understands the instructions of their firefighter leader and this will only cause greater destruction. In fire science management, this is known as fire communication and command structures (DelPonte, 2004). In case were a fire accident broke, there are certain procedures that must be done in such a way that there is a standard operating procedure in every action.

There are many cases when a firefighter does not execute the right procedures in extinguishing the fires or the instructions of the firefighter leader are not being complied. This can be blame on the unpreparedness or lack of experience. Because the standard operating procedures are not strictly done, casualties of fire will be more likely drastic if compared to a more standard way of attacking the blazing inferno (Ridge, 2004).

Fire do not only attack people in an urban area where there is more likely to occur fire accidents, but also in forest where many animals and living things live (Noss, 1990). The very hot temperature (Gale , 1991) can ignite a small dried leaf and may cause disaster in a forest. Many environmentalists are very concerned on the probable distraction that can be brought by fire accidents (MacGregor1, 2007). It can also be analyzed that firefighting in a forest is more difficult than attacking fire in an urban area (Failing, 1991).

This is because of the unavailability of roads for faster response to fire calamity. Solutions were proposed to this kind of situation and one of the probable answers to this dilemma was the use of Geographic information system (GIS). GIS will play a key role to determine whether a fire broke in a forest (Wagtendonk, 2007). In this way, a faster response can be given by the fire service industry to stop the further distraction. Though we cannot escape the disaster of fire accidents, it can be prevented by being more responsible on your belongings (Club, 2003).

Be sure that fire will not break in your area especially in your house. Always check the connection of the wiring system of the house. Always secure a fire extinguisher in every part of the house and make sure that it is filled. But the most important part of fire prevention procedures by being responsible. Cigarette butts must be put properly in an ash tray. Remember that ignoring these little preventive actions may cause fire accidents.

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