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Roosevelt sources question

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1. People supported Roosevelt in the 1932 election because he was promising to rebuild the American people. He told them that he was waging war against ‘destruction’ which was of the economy and business. He also said he was waging war against delay, deceit and despair. All of those were from the last government, the Hoover government. He promised he would give the lower class people a chance with new jobs, new ideas.

After the last government of Hoovers people had grown to hate him and so whatever Roosevelt’s ideas, they were going to vote for him. The American people heard what Roosevelt was saying and because it sounded so much better than Hoovers they praised him. The way he put his speech across, he said, ” Give me your help, not to win votes alone, but to win in this crusade to restore America”. This made the American people think that he really didn’t just want votes he made them think that he really was just trying to win the crusade for America.

2. Source B and C present two different judgements on the New deal. B was written by an American historian writing in 1945, and C is from a book, ‘The Roosevelt Myth’ by and American historian published in 1945. Source B, i think was written after Roosevelt dies. We can tell this by the way that the passage is written in the past tense that he was dead. The difference between each of them is very simple. Source B is telling me that there was a lot of self confidence in the New Deal because it says that during 1933 people will have remembered that the change formdepressionand discouragement to excitement and hope. It also talks about how the physical rebuilding of the country has been happening during the 1920’s and the 1930’s.

This problem was tackled by Roosevelt employing three million young men in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). They planted 17 million acres of new forests and built over 6 million dams to avoid erosion. The New Deal also cut unemployment in another way. Roosevelt introduced unemployment assistance; old-age pensions and he bannedchild labour. In the political field the government was strengthened but i still gave the public people the ability to vote out the government and so by calling Roosevelt a dictator wasn’t true.

3. In this photograph i think that the photographer is trying to show the stereotype of a happy whitefamilyand then below the reality of a black persons life. Thisphotowas likely to have been staged by editing and cutting to provide the photographer with the ideal picture. The picture of the white family shows them as happy, wearing hats, with a dog and going about life in the ‘American Way!’ There was a survey done about how many desk jobs black people got against how many white people got, the white got considerably more jobs than the blacks. The picture is extremely ironic because the difference between the blacks, lining up to receive their government relief and the white family driving being very happy in their car are at two totally different ends of the scale. This picture also proves that not everyone was happy with the new deal, people were still having problems. We can see this by looking at the grim looking faces on the black people.

4. These three sources show very very different points of views. Source E shows Roosevelt pouringmoneyinto the new deal, but at the bottom of the picture it shows how the money is just leaking out of the system. It shows that he had put in 16 billion dollars into it but still there was seven thousand million still to put into it. The caption shows Roosevelt saying that he hopes that its going to work, he believes it does.

Source F is very much for Roosevelt. It shows Roosevelt throwing out all the rubbish that President had promised but had not honoured. In the rubbish is ‘Car in every garage’ this was supposed to allow every household in America to own their own car. Many other promises where made but most weren’t for filled.

Source G shows Roosevelt with a bag full of remedies in case the new deal fell through, he is talking to congress and is explaining that if things don’t go smoothly he’ll have to change them. The old man sitting in the corner on the left is Uncle Sam he is sitting there because he i supposed to representing America. The bottles on the table, are the alphabet agencies the are the agencies that Roosevelt that Roosevelt made to help unemployment, and to restore the country. One of the Alphabet agencies the (CCC) took unemployment from 17 million and it helped rebuild the banks to help and avoid erosion.

5. I personally think that source H is the best. It is a letter from a supporter of Roosevelt. He is talking about how Roosevelt has helped him and his wife get back his possessions from the bank and get his loan extended. The man tells how he has never heard of a president quite like him and how amazing he is. The man goes on to say how him and his wife pray for him every night; it is said that he isn’t the only one. There are many millions of others. This is the best example of public opinion i think. Source I is just a song about how Roosevelt has stopped people from working and not getting the correct pay, and how glad they are that he is back. This source isn’t as good as source H.

6. I think these two people disagree about the new deal so much because source J is made by a business speaking in 1980 he says that Roosevelt gave to people rather than teaching them how to gain. He says that people then got used to not having to work so hard and so they just expected to get from Roosevelt. He says that they had soup lines and the depression because people ‘lost confidence in themselves.’ He says that ‘Welfare kills a man’s initiative’. He makes the example of a dog and says that ‘A dog you feed will not hunt.’ The point he is trying to make is that if you allow someone to get hungry and then that person has to work hard to eat then he’ll learn from that, but, if you just give money and government relief to him on a plate then he’ll just take it and run.

Source K says the total opposite written by the secretary of Labour in Roosevelt’s New Deal government in the 1930s. She says that ordinary people had been given the chance of a much better life. Roosevelt ‘understood’ about how the depression had hit the heaviest on those people less able to bear the strain. Although the rich had been hit too hard too he knew they didn’t have so many problems, they had something left at least. The sentence he used was, ” The idea was that all forces of the community should be directed to making life better for ordinary people.” Roosevelt tried his hardest to do this.

7. The first paragraph is a very psychological accepts of the New deal. It says that it helped many Americans and it helped the USA as a whole to life out of the depression. The New Deal may have helped but it wasn’t the only thing. Much of the Deal had helped like the alphabet agencies, they helped because it gave people jobs and the chance to work and gain money. They certainly lifted people’s hopes. This interpretation of the New Deal is quite a hopeful one. It makes the New Deal sound like it was faultless and that there were never any problems with it. This is not the case at all but it did help in its own way of getting the USA out of the depression.

The second paragraph is wrong in many aspects and is factual. Firstly although the government did become reasonably powerful they didn’t become powerful enough to not be able to not be voted out by the American people, the public. They never got too powerful. Secondly, the view about making people dependant may have been right in some cases but not in all cases by any means. Many people did tend to rely on the government relief offered, but the majority of the country worked their way back up again and earned their living by doinghard work.

Lastly, the situation about losing a lot of money is reasonably true as a statement but all of the money helped in its own way. Roosevelt did pour a lot of money into this New Deal but he wanted it to work so much. The money was leaking through the system but not all of it was a waste.

I think that the first one is a much better interpretation of the evidence because, it the second one is not right what it says is wrong and doesn’t speak the truth. Yes its true the New Deal drained a lot of money out of American but it helped so many people in so many different ways that it was almost a saviour.

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