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Role of digitalisation fight

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Thomas H. Benton, an English professor who tries to critically analyse Anti-Intellectualism in the US. He thinks that anti-intellectualism is clearly highlighted by Americans’ detest for Intellectuals. This vice is increasing rapidly and this makes him feel that educators are morally obliged to promote intelligence. The lack of knowledge by middle class citizen has resulted in them voting for leaders who don’t fight for their interest. Exploitation of the middle class is self inflicted and results from ignorance. He lays emphasis on the need for education. The exponential increase in electronic gadget has resulted in students losing craftsmanship, personal touch and social bond.

According to this professor, electronic gadgets have totally changed our minds disabling us from skimming through books and concentrating. Technological progress has resulted in intellectual dilapidation. The future is and will be digital oriented; this makes the young people better suited as they are constantly in touch technology. The education fraternity is supposed to build on what a student is best suited for. The current generation has interacted extensively with digital technology. Their upbringing makes them best suited to digital age. Some of the funds set for education should be redirected towards researching on he best methods of instilling knowledge in digital oriented students. The results of this research should be integrated into the education system.

Most individuals charged with the task of fostering knowledge like the professor did not grow up in digital proliferated age. They need to acknowledge that technology has transformed people and the transformation is irreversible. This older generation is very critical of technological advancements in spite of their evident benefits. The professor is critical of the way digital advancement has rewired student such that they cannot concentrate, think critically and communicate well.

Al Gore, previously a vice president is of the view that internet has a pivotal role to play in today’s political arena despite not growing in the technological era. Politics are affected by stupidity, anti -intellectualism and ignorance. He argues that the internet has enormous society building capability and it should be utilised to form a knowledgeable population. He embraces digital advancement though not in its entirety. Al Gore concludes that problems caused by digital proliferation can be solved and the solution is proper use of technology.

Despite his critic of technological advancements, the Professor admits that it has assisted him in course work managementt. By use of software he has come up with a programme that only utilises class time for interactions. Such programme has gifted the students with time to think and makes necessary links. He further reveals that the needs of the learners are changing and that the teaching fraternity ought to make appropriate changes to suit these students. It is evident that the education system requires changes. Lectures ought to reduce class time, this will leave the student with ample time to reflect and make necessary associations. Overall, the lectures should come up with a course work that suits student changing needs and is relevant to various disciplines.

Technology has transformed people and it’s therefore important to rethink teaching methods. This is because lecturers attending to digital age students seem to lack the ability of incorporate this technological aspects to their teaching methods. Teaching using slides and making presentation requires a lot of preparation. It is important that those charged with duty of instilling knowledge are armed with the necessary digital expertise to educate students. It is also important for digital age students to accept that there are cons of use internet and they should make effort to learn using method that existed before the digital era as the Professor suggest.

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