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Robespierre was a man who was once respected because of what he stood and fought for. Before becoming the leader of the committee of public safety, Robespierre was a principled man who was loved because of the things he did. He supported and defended the poor. He also opposed the issue slavery among people.

He also supported equality among people despite the social class of people or ethnic background. After acquiring power during the French revolution, he started acting differently from what people believed him to be. He executed those who were against him and his ruling including his frieds. 1 This made people hate him thus wanted him to pay. From what Robespierre did on both sides, he should have been allowed to live in life imprisonment. This is because of both the noble deeds and the terrible deeds he did.

Were Robespierre actions worth it for him to be executed? Robespierre actions have caused questions on whether he should have been killed or not. This man not only carried out adverse things, which left many people dead especially after the French revolution, but he also did good to the community. 2 Both this aaspects of good and bad should be looked at in detail before judging the man. His actions to the people were not worthy for him to be executed but to be punished in other form of punishment. Is it right to support Robespierre death? Yes, and no. Yes, it is right to support his death because his actions after being given the power to lead a vital committee were adverse.

No, because he was a man who believed in justice; therefore, what he did is justified by making the right decisions. 3 Therefore, the man should have been allowed to live.

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