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Riordan company

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Riordan Company Affiliation Riordan Company Riordan Company is a global manufacture of plastics and for that reason, it is important for the company to choose the best mode of transportation to ensure that their supply chain remains constant. Additionally, it is important for them to keep their clients happy by delivering the products within the stipulated time. A good mode of transportation ensures that there is efficiency and responsiveness, which are the most vital elements in business. However, being that the products are transported between different places and different stages within the supply chain it is important to understand its efficiency (Wolf, 2008). For example, faster transportation helps the supply chain to be more responsive while the same time reduces the efficiency within the supply chain. Therefore, transportation has a great impact as it controls the speed of response.
The modes of transportation that are available within the organization include air transport which makes it easier for the organization in that being a global company the materials needs to get to their suppliers within the stipulated time. Secondly, transport, by sea is also another option for the organization in case the goods are not urgently needed (Shah, 2009). Transport by road can also be effective in case the goods are being transported within the country of manufacture or production. Transportation influences the supply chain in the sense that in case the goods are not transported within the right time then it means that some other orders will have to be delayed in order to get the others moving. For that reason, it is always important for the organizations to have the right mode of transportation to ensure that the supply chain is not affected negatively.
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