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Reyes photography – a digital marketing plan assignment

Packages are flexible, as in items within a package can be interchangeable. There’s also a “ make your own package” variant to fit any budget, from the most expensive, to the cheapest budget. Depending on the cost of the package, the client is given a “ free gift” from Rexes photographers’ sponsored partners via a value card. (I. E. Package A is PH 75, 000. 00, the customer will get a three days two nights free accommodations gift certificate in a partner hotel).

The more expensive the package, the more perks the customer gets from Rexes photographers’ sponsored partners and the more service perks they get (I. E. Live streaming of the event, documentation of the event on a per social media Handel like FEB. only, Twitter only, Mainstream only, You tube only, all channel mix or a combination of any). The more expensive the package, the more they can share to anyone around the world. Background Information Rexes Photography first and foremost are professionals in the photography industry, with a keen eye for detail and are visual artists in their own right.

It’s main office is located in the posh Mckinley Hill in Tagging City, and has a studio in the iconic old Manila. It has always believed that special moments, though fleeting, can be relived ND cherished if captured correctly – the lighting, color, texture has to tell a story, executed with taste. It capitalists on, or highlights the quality of the output (Photo and video coverage outputs) as a product of expertise and not of the machine/ equipment.

Rexes Photography vision is to be able to deliver the best quality photos (and videos) to customers no matter what package they choose. RPR always makes sure that the photos are well though out, executed and preserved. Serene as RPR lets their images do the talking yet socially adaptable to the people within a customers event r at any touching with a customer, playful to children and teens, respectful to couples and Joyful to newly weds. The Photography industry is very competitive.

What, with the influx of easy to use DSSSL and photography enthusiasts, anyone can claim to be a photographer. Thus, various strategies are developed like packages, test shoots for potential customers so customers get to differentiate a professional photography service to a non- professional or neophyte photography service, staying connected with past customers are constantly practiced to maintain a steady stream of projects and rate an opportunity for future projects as well.

Target Audience T he gene e RA old me grog AP h spirochetes get audience: Age: 26-30 years old Sex: Male and Female Occupation: Working professionals Income: Cumulative earning of IIOP, OHO to Pl 50, 000/month Specific seem ants BRB AC Keats&B Well l- off soon-to EAI RL y parents -be-married coo pleas Specific profile an misaddressed Ella S am is y our TTY p IAC Tit I Ida r aka n d ha ND so me guy, gym fit, love s the finer the I nags in life and quite vain. Does n’ t mind getting photograph p heed an d TA ekes lots of SE I fiefs . Works as a n AC coo n t ma nag era t Den t s u.

El laisatisaylookingchinita, TA II a ND s lee ender, a brand Manage r a t Nest TTL , 10 eves TA ski n gas el sees with Fri. en ads, and doesn’t mind getting pH o tog rapper d esp. CE I allying r it sees who ere e she’s dolled-pother nines. General behavior desired from the target audience Rexes Photography wants Sam and Ella to permit the brand to send updates such as new package offers via email and SMS. 2. RPR would like Sam and Ella to think of the brand as their first choice when looking for photography services for whatever occasion they have in mind. 3.

RPR also wants Sam and Ella to spread the word about the services of the brand and their personal experiences with the brand – from the friendly, competent and efficient service, to the beautiful photos and videos created and that it is worth every peso invested. Hopefully, Sam and Ella will highly recommend RPR to their network/ 4. RPR emails and SMS’ to Sam and Ella would direct them to the RPR website and social media assets in the hopes of Ella and Sam voluntarily subscribing to the social media assets (FEB., Twitter and Mainstream) and share this to their network. Digital Behavior of Sam and Ella

Sam and Ella are digital natives. They both check their emails as much as they can because of work and personal reasons. They both have Backbone, Twitter , you tube, pinsetters and Mainstream accounts. They love visiting any website about weddings and vacation spots like the homepage of Shanghai-la Portray since they’re about to marry. They love the video services of Seep and are also checking websites of condo developers like Loyal Land. Overall Objectives To incite brand awareness among soon to be married couples and early parents. To encourage trial. To reach 40 new accounts in three months.

To ensure loyalty among current clients signified by an increase in positive reviews. Overall Marketing Strategy & Tactics, “ The Big Idea” Rexes Photography will act as producers of a pseudo TV reality program featuring their customers where family, friends, friends of friends, or practically anyone can witness that happy moment or milestone via live streaming, or you tube, Backbone and twitter uploads, depending on the package that the customer chooses or creates as loaded in the value card given to them. This will make the customers feel like stars for a day, and eyeful make them repeat customers.

This brings “ sharing” in social media to a higher level as raw, intimate, at times funny moments could be captured through photos and videos and shared immediately for everyone to see. Creating the platform Platform Value Proposition The Platform is based on the package that a customer will choose and/or create which will be embedded in their value card. The customer will be given packages to choose from and the liberty to create their packages from the services that RPR offers. This happens the moment a customer inquires about the services online via the RPR beset, or an email to RPR or when a customer visits the studio in Mckinley or Kale.

Once a package has been chosen (or created) and a down payment has been made, a contract signed, then RPR works on the customers event, applying little by little, the “ Big Idea” it has for their valued customers based on the package chosen or created. As an added value, freebies from Rap’s sponsored partners are given, embedded in their value card that has a code, which will they show to the sponsored partner (I. E. A free overnight stay in a hotel, the hotel will Just encode the code in their system and e the free gift for the customer).

Based on the package chosen, aside from the beautiful, artistic photos and videos that RPR will create, the moment a contract is signed with RPR, the customer and RPR Join hands in a partnership where RPR will be with the customer, documenting special moments even at the planning stage of their event (I. E. RPR will document the fitting of the bride’s gown and capture her reactions, and families reactions for friends and family to see on RPR website, the the new social media sites like backbone, Twitter, Mainstream that were created Just for the event, Just like reality TV).

If they choose a more high end package, it could possibly include a live streaming of the event for the whole world to witness in real time. These values create a relationship with RPR on a more personal level, in the hopes of repeat business for any event of the couple. It encourages the couple , the couples family and friends to go to RPR website which opens the door to create future business. Hence the line “ Rexes Photography, your happy moments for everyone to see “.

In other words, the photos and videos are share worthy, and that they are beautifully executed, for the whole world to see. Channel mix to be used Channel Details Website Primary Channel to engage audience Email Channel to directly coordinate with clients Mobile (SMS) Sub channel to directly coordinate with clients Share-with-your-Networks Seven will be used in all emails Where trial photo shoots, other shoots and Studio Location contract signing will be executed Social Networks Customer Journey Map Awareness -Saw RPR booth in a wedding expo at SMS -Read about RPR while surfing the web.

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